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JWords Java Interface for WordNet  v.rc

JWords is a simple and easy to use Java interface for the WordNet 2.0 command line tool. It provides classes and methods to create and use JWord objects containing the information stored in the WordNet lexical reference system.

Java Chess Protocol Interface  v.0.1

The Java Chess Protocol Interface aims to provide a standard Java interface to all possible chess protocols. Mainly to UCI and to Winboard/XBoard.


Java Decision Diagram Libraries  v.104

This project contains two different Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) libraries: JBDD: a Java interface to two popular BDD libraries, CUDD and BuDDy. JDD: a native Java library supporting BDD, Z-BDD and more (graph/automata/Petri nets/SAT) ...

DaMaDesk  v.03.03.01

Java Interface From WEB with Servlet, enabling to have a small os from anywhere,with some applications ...

Im4java  v.1.3.1

The library im4java provides a pure-java interface to ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick and other popular commandline tools like jpegtran, ufraw, dcraw, exiftool. The im4java-engine permits the addition of new tools in a very short time (less than an hour) ...

JSane-net  v.0.8

A Java interface to the Saned Network Protocol.

Socioquery  v.1.0

Java interface plugged on MonetDB database to build Xqueries and analyse results.First specifically developped for sociologists but some of the quieries can be adapted easily.

Learning Object Metadata (LOM) Java API  v.1.0

This is a Java API binding of the IEEE LTSC LOM (Learning Object Metadata) specification. It defines an implementation neutral Java interface for the LOM, as well as providing a default implementation of that interface, and XML marshalling functionality ...

VDEX Java Binding  v.1.0

This is a Java API binding of the IMS VDEX (Vocabulary Definition Exchange) specification. It defines an implementation neutral Java interface for VDEX, as well as providing a default implementation of that interface, and XML marshalling functionality.

ISQL-Viewer  v.3.0.1

iSQL-Viewer is an open-source JDBC 2/3 compliant database front end written in Java. It implements across multiple platforms features of the JDBC API. It does everything through a single interface.

iSQL-Viewer works with most database platforms, ...

Jerbil  v.2.3

Java Expert Rule Based Inference Language. Jerbil is an open source rule processing engine written in Java. Currently Jerbil supports a full set of processing functions with text-based and XML interfaces; a Java interface is planned.

JewelCli  v.0.7.6

Java command line option processing library. Uses reflection to automatically create a command line option processor from an annotated java interface, allowing the declarative specification of arguments, and clean access to supplied values.As of version ...

SourceDoc  v.1.3.1

The default output format is HTML, but other formats are possible to plug in using a public Java interface.

ZATreeX  v.1.0

The difference with conventional data managers is its ability to manage any tree structured data:you just have to implment a java interface. It is also able to extend it functionality (another interface) ...

Java Speech User Interface Library  v.1.0

Speech based User Interface Components Library for Java is a project to create Java controls and applications that can be used not only by literate people but also by non-literates. Speech and visual element with minimal text is used to create components ...

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