Java Horse Game


Java CounterStrike Game Probe  v.rc

The Java CounterStrike Game Probe will implement Java to develop an application that will probe a list of Half-Life CounterStrike game servers and display the server information in a customizable format (console, applet, standalone).

Jawp - java space game  v.rc

Java mulitplayer strategy game. Adaptation of KDE Galaxy Conquest. (rules are changed - but still they are very simple). Uses java swing client.


Sudoken - a Java sudoku game  v.rc.0.2.6

Sudoken is a free sudoku game written in Java. You can play sudoku, solve existing sudokus, and generate new ones.

Grabble: Anagrams Java applet game  v.5

Grabble is an Anagrams-playing Java applet. In this fast-paced game,everyone plays at the same time to make words using tiles from a popular boardgame. It supports computer & unlimited human players in hotseat. One can customise the tileset,word list ...

The 21 Game (Java Card Game Engine)  v.1.0

Engine is written in Java. Also card game "Nine" is now available.

Java Scrollable Game Framework  v.0.2

jSGF is a framework for creating full-featured side- and top-scrolling games with customizability in mind.

The Ng Java Roguelike Engine  v.1.0

Ng is a 100% Java Roguelike game engine that supports single and massive multiplayer games. SimpleGame is a prototype game that demonstrates most features of the engine and is included in all releases of Ng.

Igor  v.

Java 2 game with native acelerated 2D graphics for MacOS X, Linux, and Windows.

Capa chess  v.0.1beta2

Java chess game. JDK 1.4 or above required with built-in simple engine XBoard/WinBoard compatible, interface with external XBoard/WinBoard engines,basic plug-in capabilities, import/export.

Find-the-lia  v.9

Memory-like java multiplayer game ...

Flesh Snatcher  v.1.0

Flesh Snatcher is a Java FPS game with a survival/horror ambiance.

Four Row Solitaire  v.50

Programmed in Java, this game is a mixture between FreeCell and normal Solitaire. The current version is Beta v.50.

JArena  v.1.0

JavaArena is a java based game where two or more "bots" have its own artificial intelligence and go for the battle. Support for capture the flag coming soon.

JBackgammon  v.1.3

JBackgammon is a Java Backgammon game. It allows playing over a network, or both players playing on the same computer.

JOthi  v.0.9.2

JOthi is the java-based game of "Othello". This project is son of the greater parent SourceForge project "JGames", that realizes the real game environment: JOthi only defines the "Othello" game rules and its specific AI players.

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