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Artificial Life  v.1.4.0

Artificial Life is a free and open sourced Java framework created to simulate Life. It is a multi-agent framework where each agent runs its own Thread. The agents are split into two different categories: The services and the processes. The services deliver ...

Java Application Framework For All  v.2.1.0

An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid Application Development.JAFFA is a Java web application development stack, build around Web 2.0 technologies (ExtJS, DWR, JAWR) with an extensive service architecture, meta-data layer and rules engine (based ...


Darwin: Evolutionary Computation in Java  v.2.3.01

Darwin 2: Java Framework for Evolutionary Computation (genetic algorithm, GA). A true framework with out-of-the-box functionality and extensibility of all classes. Interface-based pattern with dependency-injection to configure components.

IValidator Test Framework  v.20081031

iValidator is a Java framework for automation of scenario and integration tests in complex environments. Features: automatic testing, reusability of unit tests, separation of code and data, Eclipse Plug-In, ANT tasks, support of all testing levels ...

JGears Framework  v.1.1.20070707

JGears is a java framework for development platform and technology independentuser interface based on component object model.

Scope: a generic HMVC framework  v.rc

Java framework built on a generic implementation of the Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern for component based development, independent of the view technology. Supports Servlet, JSP, XML-XSLT and Swing applications.

Survey Developer Library 4 Java  v.0.9.29

A generic Java framework with reusable patterns and classes for enhanced development ...

Neuroph  v.2.5.1 RC 2

Neuroph is Java framework for neural network development. It contains well designed, open source Java library with small number of basic classes which correspond to basic NN concepts. Also has nice GUI neural network editor to quickly create Java neural ...

ZWeb  v.0.7

MVC Java framework intended to help building simple web applications quickly. It provides components for pagination, tables, dialogs, data input, security, error handling and long-term processing feedback. Minimum configuration and XML files required.

BioWebAuth (BWA)  v.rc

BioWebAuth (Biometrics for Web Authentication) is an open source Java framework intended to provide single sign-on web authentication based on BioAPI-compliant biometric software or devices. It uses the JA-SIG Central Authentication Service architecture.

Combean  v.0.2

Combean is a Java framework for mathematical structures and optimization algorithms. Through a set of Java interfaces and JavaBeans-based config, Combean glues optimization codes together - leading to more interoperable, adaptable and flexible solutions.

Flow4J  v.1.0

Flow4J is a java framework, that enables the user to model process flow with a gui interface. The flow may include tasks, decisions or calls to other process flows. The saved flow is in a jar file together with its bytecode.

ITCWorks  v.2.4

ITCWorks a Java Framework with more than 500 Java classes. The foundation of ITCPro a visual UI for ORM++. ITCworks includes: - XML Bean Support (SOA,WSDL Schema Framework, Code Gen.)-ORM, object graph gen., SQL code gen., More info at ...

JFraCE  v.1.1

The Java Framework for Computer Emulation (JFraCE) is a framework written completely in Java for emulating (old) computer systems on the software level. Currently only an emulator of a Z80-based CP/M machine is implemented.

JFramework  v.0.6

A Java framework for developing mixed-client (fat, browser-based) GUI applications with an emphasis of enterprise.

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