J2me Bin Dec Hex


Metalogic Calculator  v.3 3

Results are given simultaneously in dec/hex/oct/b­in. Great for students and home use. It takes the mystery out of solving complex expressions.

RS232 monitor  v.

Available formats are TEXT, HEX, BIN, DEC, FLOAT.

Main features:
-Set font and background color of main window.
-Set number of rows. RS232 Monitor will shift up all rows when the last row is full.
-The number of Columns ...


Bed  v.0.2.27

Data formats are ASCII, unsigned (base 2-36: bin, oct, dec, hex, etc) and signed integers, float, bit-flags, bit-fields, labels, ebcdic and time_t. Different sizes and byte orderings are possible. Data types can be used in structures. Other data formats, ...

Mini Calculator  v.

Alternative Windows Mini Calculator with 2 views, general functions, Dec-Hex-Oct-Bin integers. Colorful, has tips and precision control. And Loan Calculator is also included.

It has 2 operating windows - for result and for input.
Accumulator ...

ZiskoCalc  v.1.6.1

ZiskoCalc is a small Desktop-Toolkit that lets you convert values from many number-systems into others like hex, oct, bin, dec. Quick converting of full IP Addresses into different number Systems, CPU Benchmarking, get you System Up-Time and some other ...

Universal Programmer Analyser-UPA 2.3 Lite  v.1.0

POWERFUL HEX EDITOR: MDI, Unlimited undo/redo; Print; Insert/Over edit mode; Fast find/replace; View and edit as bin/dec/hex/text; Copy hex/dec/bin/text to clipboard; Font and color options; Show/Hide offset/hex/text; Group bytes; Up to 2 GB file ...

Smart Calc  v.

We took the standard Windows calculator functionality and added the following features:
- complex numbers support
- matrixs support
- bin, oct, hex calculation modes support
- five variables
- five matrix variables
- PI, EXP ...

Angeliux  v.

cpu load info
memory info
tape calculator with true 32bit base conversion (bin - dec - hex)

application manager
file manager
program manager
task manager
window ...

Hex Editor ActiveX Control  v.1 1

The Hex Editor Control is a powerful tool allows the user to viewing and editing any sort of binary data files in hexadecimal, decimal or binary form. It has been designed to be used inside VC++, VB or Delphi applications and on web pages as well. ActiveX ...

Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control  v.1 1

The Hex Editor Control is a powerful tool allows the user to viewing and editing any sort of binary data files in hexadecimal, decimal or binary form. It has been designed to be used inside VC++, VB or Delphi applications and on web pages as well. ActiveX ...

FoxEditor  v.

- Limited support Unicode (ansi compatible symbols only) and UTF8;
- Running external programs (compilers) and capture console output;
- Support templares and tags;
- Save cursor position for opened files;
- Fast swith between text and HTML view;
- Fast insert HTML tags;
- Support all encodings, installed in system;
- Support Windows/UNIX/Mac file formats;
- Fast comment/decomment string (press Ctrl+/);
- Search with regular expressions;
- Individual settings, autocomplete (CTRL+J) and run software for each file type;
- Highlight hyperlinks (press CTRL+ALT);
- Extended open/save dialogs (with preview and list of favorite folders);
- Easy copy highligted text in any RTF/HTML editor;
- Export to RTF/HTML formats;
- Special mode for comfortable reading (ReadMode);
- Fast access for favorite documents and folders;
- Convert BIN/OCT/DEC/H­EX values;
- ...


+Base: bin, oct, dec, hex.
+Time: ± timespan or datetime. The ± result have second or day unit.
+Matrix m: 2x2, 3x3. To input a matrix you use Tab and Down button, then you store it into 1-A red button or 2-B red button and click Alp + ...

WinFastCapture  v.1.0

The color values is the HTML(Dec/ Hex/ Delphi/ HTML) colors ...

FontFinder  v.5.99 Build 17

99 features include
* Updated to work with TrueType and OpenType font files
* Color Reports - select your ink colors for your reports
* Dupe Detector Tool finds all of your duplicate font files!
* New 3D Shaded look for previewing your fonts
* Real time Sentence Preview! Type in a sentence and watch it appear in every installed font on your system as you type!
* Registry Doctor checks and repairs your Font Registry
* Icons in FontExplorer immediately display installation status for each TrueType file
* Multi-Select fonts for reports and uninstalling from the main screen
* Improved handling of Adobe type 1 fonts
* New tools to instantly view Registry Font Entries and Font Substitutions
* All new professional reports are "Font-Tastic"!!!
* Dynamic Report Engine lets you modify report page layout
* All new user interface lets you find fonts with a single click of the mouse
* Exclusive Font ExplorerTM to view installed and uninstalled fonts from disk or CD-ROM
* Install and uninstall TrueType fonts from within our exclusive Font Explorer
* Install fonts from any Folder, Disk Drive, or CD-ROM
* Print reports of entire folders of both installed and uninstalled fonts
* Full Font Management with folder creation and deletion
* Easily catagorize and store your fonts for quick recall and installation
* New look and feel with adjustable display colors for font and paper
* Save and recall your favorite Color Schemes with our new Color Management feature
* All new design shows ALL styles of all font familes
* Preview and print sample sheets of both installed and uninstalled fonts
* Selectable Character View from mouse clicks
* Tool Bar Buttons for fast access to most commonly used features
* Sizable Column format in main screen for easier reading of Sample Text String
* New character view with decimal, hexadecimal, and character equivalents
* Floating Zoom Box for Character Set screens with dec, hex, or ascii equivalents
FontFinder ...

TcpCatcher  v.2.21.1

Fully multi-threaded and 100% java based, it is portable, fast and reliable and it has many useful extra features like sorting, filtering, built-in search engine, dec/hex packet editor to help you analyze captured traffic.
TcpCatcher can be run as ...

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