Itunes Playlist Iso


ITunes Playlist to HTML  v.1.0

iTunes Playlist to HTML is an AppleScript that converts a iTunes Playlist to HTML, so you can place it on the web. .

Recover Deleted iTunes Playlist  v.

iPod data restore software is a data recovery tool that recovers all your files lost from your corrupted iPod device. Music retrieval program is capable of restoring the music files from inaccessible iPod devices. iPod data recovery software that recovers ...


Free iTunes Library Manager  v.1.0

Free-ILM is a small GUI utlity that allows contains useful features not included in iTunes for managing and exporting elements of iTunes libraries. Currently the main features of the application are:

- Ability to export any iTunes playlist ...

IPod Playlist From Selection  v.3.2

iPod Contents to iTunes Playlist adds the iPod's contents to the "Library" (instead of as a seperate source) which allows users to do things like burn CDs from the iPod, create playlists with tracks from both the iPod and iTunes etc. This download contains ...

ITunes Qcast Converter  v.1.1

iTunes Qcast Converter can convert your iTunes playlist into Qcast/GSMP playlists. .

TuneSync  v.2.0.12

TuneSync allows you to sync your iTunes playlist and songs with your Android device. It copies the unprotected music to your SD card and creates playlists that match your iTunes playlists.

TuneSync does this all over your wifi connection.

LongPlayer  v.1.1

LongPlayer is a program that automatically fills your Winamp, XMMS or iTunes playlist. It basically replaces the randomization feature of those media players. Those of you who have converted all of your CD's into mp3's (or wma/ogg/..) and try to shuffle ...

CD Jacquet  v.1.7

Make attractive CD cover front, back and center label, very easily from iTunes selection or from iTunes playlist. Mosaic of up to 16 pictures. Ready for CD printer. CD Jacquet : les couvertures de CD facile sur OS X.

Playlist2FCP  v.1.5

Playlist2FCP completely automates the transfer of non-AAC audio tracks from iTunes to FCP using iTunes Playlist.By leveraging the power of the FCP XML format, Playlist2FCP allows FCP to seamlessly import iTunes Playlists, complete with Track Name and ...

PlaylistBurner  v.1.0

Ever wanted an easy way to get your iTunes playlist to a MP3 CD or a MP3 player while keeping the carefully picked order intact?PlaylistBurner adds a number prefix to your music files that keeps the order intact for most players.CD ...

ITunes Export Wizard  v.2 6

iTunes Export Wizard exports playlists defined in your iTunes Music Library to standard .m3u playlist files. iTunes Export Wizard provides a simple GUI application that can be used to generate playlists, Graphical UI that provides a wizard interface to ...

Speakables for iTunes  v.1.0

Speakables for iTunes works with Speakable Items, the FREE voice recognition software that is already contained in your Mac OS X computer. Speakable Items frees you from your desktop (or makes you look cool when sitting there) by allowing you to control ...

ITSync  v.1.0

iTSync has six main functions:

* Finding and removing duplicate tracks in iTunes based on 14 duplicate searching criteria. Once duplicate tracks have been found use one of the five intelligent duplicate selection criteria for removal
* ...

3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer  v.

It also supports file transfer from iPhone to iTunes. Acting as an iPhone copy, iPhone backup tool, 3herosoft iPhone to Computer Transfer can make your iPhone a portable hard disk by opening it with Windows Explorer.

With other similar software, ...

ITuner  v.1.7.4500

iTuner is a convenient add-on for iTunes, A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist exporting, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, global keyboard control, lyric discovery, and track ...

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