Itunes Artwork App


Export iTunes Artwork Automator Action  v.1.0

"Export iTunes Artwork" is an Automator action to export each artwork of iTunes songs to image files. It comes with a few example Automator workflows to export the artwork of the currently playing song or to export one artwork cover for each album in ...

ITunes Artwork  v.1.4

The iTunes Artwork Widget shows you the album artwork of the currently playing iTunes song in a stylish jewelcase. Sophiestication Software. Sophiestication Software makes simply beautiful Mac and iPhone Software. Our apps are CoverSutra for Mac OS X ...


Export Artwork to iPhoto  v.1.3

Export the artwork of the selected tracks--or tracks of the selected Playlist--to iPhoto 5, where they will also be copied to a "My iTunes Artwork" album. Set your Screen Saver to use the "My iTunes Artwork" iPhoto album and impress your friends with ...

MiniLyrix  v.1.1

MiniLyrix is a iTunes companion app that shows the lyrics of your currently playing iTunes song. The lyrics are taken from the songs id3 information. It displays the lyrics in a nice semitransparent overlay window. You can switch between an always visible ...

MarkelSoft Library Switcher for iTunes  v.2.0

Easily create and switch between multiple iTunes Music Libraries. Allows the user to create new iTunes Music Libraries and switch between your current and new iTunes Music Libraries. Very easy to use and allows the user to create and switch between iTunes ...

MarkelSoft StreamTunes for iTunes  v.11 1

StreamTunes for iTunes - securely stream your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any browser. Includes accessing additional media such as pictures, documents and web documents. New features include My Videos for including ...

MarkelSoft Media Finder for iTunes  v.1 1

With MarkelSoft Media Finder for iTunes you cand easily find lost audio and video and add the media to iTunes. Media Finder for iTunes Can scan any of your drives or folders for audio or video, specify criteria such as minimum file size, and specify exclusions.

IPlayAnywhere for iTunes  v.10.0

Have you ever wished you could remotely access and play your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using just a web browser? iPlayAnywhere supports the popular Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera browsers. Its as easy as starting iPlayAnywhere on your ...

Dupe Eliminiator for iTunes  v.3.1

Have you built a nice library of songs in iTunes but cant get rid of the pesky duplicates or dead link files?

IArtwork  v.2 2

iArtwork is a software that automatically finds the album artwork for your iTunes Library. Find the original album artwork and make your music collection look great in your computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

MarkelSoft Super PlaylistMaker for  v.1.0

0 for iTunes - add 8 invaluable super playlists to iTunes. These are the playlists iTunes should already have. Super playlists include 'By Artist', 'By Album', 'By Genre', 'By Kind', 'By Play Count', 'By Rating', 'By Size' and 'By Year'.

Doctor Tunes  v.2.3

Song album, artist and artwork? check.The new interface sports a 3 step process: fully automatic data loading, review and (optional) correction, automatic data update. The perfect balance between precision and speed.with Doctor Tunes you can:* fill and ...

LyricStream  v.1.0.0

A new way to visualize lyrics!!!!Tis is the perfect app for you singing along.LyricStream is an unique and amazing lyrics app. It makes an new experience to follow the lyrics by stream while listening songs from iTunes.The app automatically searches and ...

EzList for eBay  v.2.2

ezList for eBay offers you a simplified interface to create a basic eBay listing. Instead of going through the multi-step eBay process to create a new listing, this software provides a single form page that includes payment methods and pictures. Your ...

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