Italy Earthquake


Combat Mission: Fortress Italy  v.1.00

Fortress Italy is a new "family" of Combat Mission games covering the Allied struggle to knock Italy out of the Second World War. This initial release deals explicitly with the battle for Sicily and sets the groundwork for future additions to simulate ...

Astra Jigsaw Italy and Spain  v.1 21

Astra Jigsaw Italy and Spain, from Lena Games, presents a new collection of jigsaw puzzles with pictures of Spain and the beautiful, romantic Italy. Through a series of photographs you will see masterpieces of architecture like the Barcelona Cathedral ...


Italy in pics  v.

Gets the best photos from italy for you, right on your phone to share with friends or use as wallpaper!!!

Earthquake Mode  v.

Phone in "EarthQuake Mode" will detect the shaking and tell you what to do during an earthquake.
1. Launch EarthQuakeMode before you go to sleep.
2. Put down the phone on a flat surface. The application will automatically start to detect the ...

Windows Phone Italy  v.

Applicazione ufficiale di Windows Phone Italy, dal 2008 il primo portale italiano dedicato a Windows Phone e Windows Mobile (
Official app of Windows Phone Italy, since 2008 the first Italian web source for all about ...

Earthquake Warning Level  v.

The user can specify the area and time period that will be observed and customize options for earthquake warning levels. Current earthquake warning level is displayed on toast notification and application tile. The earthquake data stored in the application ...

MeteoSATile Italy  v.

METEOSATile Italy allows you to see hourly images from METEOSAT Satellite for Central Europe, and to have the Live Tile only for Italy on the Windows Phone Startup screen. The trial version is like the full one but has the "Open in IE" button disabled.

Earthquake Monitor  v.

Earthquake uses USGS data and is refreshed approximately every fifteen minutes. The map is completely updated at midnight GMT. Use the refresh button to update the map. Note, however, that the map only changes if an earthquake has taken place since the ...

GPS Italy 66  v.

GPS Italy 66 is a simple application that tracks the distance between the current location of the phone and the major cities of Italy. In a trial version, the app only tracks one city.

More about us and GPS Italy 66 here:

Top 10 Italy  v.

Visit Italy! Offers beautiful photos, descriptions and interactive maps.

Pocket Earthquake  v.

Pocket Earthquake allows you to access and control the vibrator in your phone. Change the pulse duration and pause duration using dedicated sliders to create any pattern of vibration desired.

Page Flip Book Theme of Italy  v.1.0

Today we prepare beautiful Italy style templates with beautiful Italy sceneries. Would you want to own these outstanding templates backgrounds with predesigned template setting to save your time and decorate your unique digital book? These brilliant template ...

WarpClock Italy  v.1.1

This clock application contents 560 photos by photographer, Ani Watanabe, who has uniquely captured sceneries in Italy. You can freely set the position, shape, the size, and the transparency of the window. You can freely set the kind of the clock, the ...

Past & Present: Italy  v.1.0

Immerse yourself in a video tour through the culture and history of Italy! Begin your tour at the heart of Rome, Caput Mundi, as professor of anthropology and archaeology Dr. Dwayne L. Merry shows you the modern pleasures and ancient treasures of this ...

Earthquake in Zipland  v.2.0

Suddenly the earth begins to shake, Moose is thrown to the ground, and before he knows it, a severe earthquake rocks his small paradise and rips the island apart. Moose finds himself on a tiny raft floating in the ocean, full of sadness, guilt and questions: ...

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