Irc Bot Blackjack


Clanwar managing/broadcasting (IRC-)Bot  v.20030403

The goal is to develop a bot that sits on irc and manages clanwars in the internal channel of a clan. the bot should also be able to broadcast clanwars to irc-channels. DEVELOPERS AND TESTERS NEEDED!!!

Chainsaw  v.6.7.4069.23799

Chainsaw is a Windows IRC bot that runs on top of the .NET framework and is meant to administrate achannel or simply as a replacement to mirc.Features:
1. Secure servers connections supported via SSL.
2. Ability to generate channel statistics ...


WinBot IRC Client  v.2 7

WinBot is an advanced IRC Bot for Windows, is easy to use, customizable and has a wide range of options for bolting on new enhancements and features.
Bots are almost essential on any network that doesn't have nickname or channel services (NickServ ...

Advanced Bot Framework  v.0.7.0.beta

Using this plugin-based framework, you can instantly start working on the *brain* of your bot (irc bot, chatterbot, robot, ...). With support for db, irc, logging and programming-language independent plugins, users can easily enhance the functionality.

Ircxom - IRC to blosxom gateway  v.20030827

ircxom is an IRC bot that allows channel members to post to a blosxom web log. It includes commands for managing IRC-based posts: posts may be moved to different categories, retitled, deleted, and so on.

RPG-Bot  v.1.0

This is an IRC-Bot written in Java (based in the PIRC-Bot API) which provides a RPG-Service.

UniBot  v.0.0.2

Unibot is an IRC bot. The main purpose behind unibot is to provide an software framework which can be easily customized (by anyone with a copy of VB6) for specific uses and deployed accordingly.
At the moment, unibot is capable of:
1. The capability ...

VooDoo cIRCle  v.1.1.40

Set this robot to take over your tideous IRC tasks. VooDoo cIRCle is modular IRC bot, scriptable thanks to PHP and Perl, with built-in SSL support, File System, private BotNet and advanced security rights for each user. Runs on POSIX and Windows.

Cowbell  v.1.0

NET IRC bot. Cowbell is an IRC Bot. Cowbell is an IRC Bot. This means it can connect to IRC and provide services to other users of IRC. Amongst the services Cowbell comes with by default are:1. Worldwide weather forecast ability
2. Web search (provides ...

CPx86  v.0.1.5.alpha1

CPx86 (currently in Alpha development stages) will be a fully fledged IRC bot, multi-user BNC server, and an Automated Network protection bot. Currently, the SDK covers all needed aspects of IRCd, and is extremely stable and functional. For Linux/Windows ...

MartokBot  v.rc.1.0.1

Modular IRC bot that comes with some modules for admining a counterstrike server ...

MpiBot  v.alpha1

mpiBot is a IRC bot/bnc interface written in PHP5. mpiBot includes a basic BNC, multiple server support, plus an extensive API for writing your own modules in PHP.

MsTasty  v.4

MsTasty is a free, PHP-based and modular IRC bot ...

PyGBot  v.0.2.0

An IRC bot written in Python, primarily designed to host various games. Uses a simple, easy-to-learn plugin interface, ideal for beginners.

QStat Tools  v.0.1

Various tools for collecting and displaying information from qstat, with things such as CGI and also an IRC bot so far.

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