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Vypress Chat

It is fully self-configurable, works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols, doesn't require a dedicated server and automatically maintains a list of online users in the network. Vypress Chat is a flexible, integrated solution expressly designed ...

DBConvert for Oracle and MS SQL  v.1.0.0

* Ability to select TCP/IP, PIPE, IPX/SPX communications protocols.
* Unicode support, all possible encoding support.
* And more....


DBConvert for MSSQL and PostgreSQL  v.2 4

MAin features:
- Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005/2008 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 support
- Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode;
- Saving data into a PostgreSQL Dump, PHP script for export to PostgreSQL database;
- Saving data into a MS SQL Dump for export to MS SQL database;
- Ability to select TCP/IP, PIPE, IPX/SPX communications ...

Family Photo Buddy Server  v.

The network can be running TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, or NetBIOS.
The databases can require log in with user names and passwords for complete security. Some users can be 'read only'.
When not in use, the server uses very little CPU or other resources.

Brother BRAdmin Professional  v.3.43.0005

- Multiprotocol support

The BRAdmin Professional software will run on a Windows® PC that has the TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols.

*With the 64-bit version of Windows®, the IPX/SPX protocols cannot be used with BRAdmin Professional.

PageScope Network Setup  v.

Main features:
-Automatically detects bizhub devices connected to your system through TCP/IP or IPX/SPX protocols.

-You can quickly perform standard setup procedures from your desktop PC, including IP addressing and network ...

WinMessenger  v.2. 8. 2004

It works over any network protocol (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI, etc.), it is easy to deploy and it does not require computer knowledge or special configuration ...

DBConvert for MS FoxPro and MSSQL  v.4. 4. 2003

0 and early support;
- Saving data into a MS SQL Dump for export to MS SQL database;
- Saving data into a MS Visual FoxPro Program file for export to MS Visual FoxPro database;
- Unicode (utf-8/ utf-16) for MS SQL Server support, all possible encoding support;
- Automation of the conversion process with task scheduler;
- Ability to select TCP/IP, PIPE, IPX/SPX communications ...

Mediator Client  v.4 3

Mediator components are based upon xHarbour kernel. Apart from the above VCL components there are several low level classes which are used to access xHarbour kernel. Using xHarbour kernel as a foundation for Mediator components enables nearly 100% compatibility ...

BRAdmin Professional  v.3.41.0004

Protocol support:
BRAdmin Professional will run on a PC that has the IPX/SPX protocol or the TCP/IP protocol. If you use the IPX/SPX protocol you do not require a Netware file server. (However, if you want to configure a Brother print server for ...

SPX Instant Screen Capture  v.7.0

Capture anything from your monitor(dual/multi monitor OK). Annotate, and send to any destination. Zoom for better precision while capturing by rotating the mouse wheel. Once captured, the screenshot can be sent directly to clipboard, file, e-mail, internet(ftp), ...

SPX  v.4 1

Screen capture in real time and send instantly to any destination: clipboard, file, graphic editor, studio, e-mail, web, Windows Instant Messenger, ICQ, printer/fax. Capture freehand shapes, rectangles, active windows, or the desktop. Enhance the screen ...

SPX Editor  v.

SPX Graphic Editor is a software application whose central purpose can be easily deducted from its name: general graphic editing functions. Its working area is nice and friendly, with all the tools and commands it provides strategically placed to give ...

CaptureWizPro Screen Capture  v.5.0

CaptureWizPro gives you the power to capture it all - screen images, oversize scrolling areas, screen action, video and audio. Innovative features, like its handy pop-out capture bar, make it fast and easy.

No longer just a luxury for documentation ...

Easy Screen Capture

Easy Screen Capture is a full featured screen capture tool that can capture any part of screen from your desktop. It can automatically scroll your browser to capture entire web pages and can capture images from DirectX games and movies. Captured images ...

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