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AV Bros. Page Curl  v.2.0

Page Curl 2.0 is the filter plug-in (8bf) for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. The plug-in is targeted to help you create two (2) types of effects using the all new and vastly improved engine: the very realistic turning page effect (Page Curl) and ...

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro  v.2 2

List of Features: The ability to create both the turning page effect (Page Curl) and the folding page effect (Page Fold) (collectively - bends). The Multi-bend option: the ability to create several bends within the single session of the plug-in. The ...


AKVIS ArtSuite

Decorate your photos with ArtSuite! The software allows creating an endless number of effect versions. There are two Effect groups: Photo Frames and Artistic Effects. And built-in Texture Library. Create your own unique frames. Use any picture as a pattern ...

Plugin Galaxy

It also includes metal, chrome, neon, pop art, glass, page curl, rainbow, sunshine, sunset and star effects and lets you enhance, colorize, add edges to your photos and even encrypt them. There are also effects like feedbacks, grids or zooming. Additionally ...

AKVIS Frame Suite  v.2 6

AKVIS Frame Suite is an impressing collection of edge effects for decoration of photos. The software offers a great variety of photo frame versions (from classic to most fancy frame samples) as well as gives an opportunity to generate a frame out of user ...

SnapReader  v.1 6

Main Features:

- Fast, accurate OCR for all types of digital cameras/scanners
- Automatically corrects page orientation and skew
- Text Line Straightening Function corrects page curl
- Uses our Second Generation Imaging ...

FX Morph  v.3.0

you can even create amazing effects with Background, Mask, Foreground, Transition, Light and In&out effects (include wipe (11 types), scale, color change, fly, twist, page curl, page turn, wave, water etc).Flash, animated GIF, AVI, JPEG, and other formats ...

PhotoPlus  v.6.03

* Create works of art in an instant with artistic styles presets
* Adjust settings to fine tune the look of your artwork
* Save your favourite settings as presets for future use
Select from over 75 fantastic effects and adjustments, such as Page Curl, Halftone, Diffuse ...

Metro Web Browser  v.

• Easily tweet any page, complete with URL shortening
• Edit any favorite with a tap-and-hold
• Share a page with a text message
• Bug fixes

• Full-screen browsing experience in both orientations & full ...

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro for Windows  v.2.2

Mac users should be aware that Page Curl Pro 2.2 is now Universal application. The product is targeted to help you create jigsaw puzzle effects of various types, but thanks to its superb engine, it also produces a whole bunch of different high quality ...

Aurigma Graphics Processor  v.1.9

Support of more then 40 effects (resize, rotate ,flip, color equalizing, rectangle and ellipse crop, blur, sharpen, edge detect, emboss, auto and manual lightness adjusting, auto and manual contrast adjusting, auto level, add noise, ripple, swirl, spray, antialiasing, adjusting colors in the HSL color system, transforming color image to grayscale, solarize, mosaic effect, swapping RGB channels, waddle, texturize, buttonize - making image looking like buttons, glow, shadow, erosion, expand, page curl, remove noise).

PictureEffects for Mac OS X  v.7.5

Give PictureEffects a try to fully assess its capabilities! FEATURES: Color Filters: TE Brightness, Contrast, Color Filter, Hue, Saturation, Sepia, Lightness, Gamma, GrayScale, Invert,Contrast Stretch, Equalize, Desaturate, Replace Color Blur: TE Blur, MotionBlur, Gaussian Blur, Pixelate Enhance: TE Sharpen, Smooth, Mean Removal Distort: TE Shape Distort, Polar Coordinates, Twirl, Wave, Surface Wave, Barrel Distortion, Page Curl, Water Drops, ...

Plugin Galaxy for AE  v.1.50

It also includes amazing metal, chrome, neon, page curl, pop art, glass, rainbow, sunshine and star effects. Additionally it lets you enhance, colorize and add edges to your animations and videos as well as encrypt them. Last but not least, there are ...

Eye Candy: Impact  v.5.0

Eye Candy 5: Impact, is a collection of ten Photoshop filters which create chrome, brushed metal, glass, bevels, shadows, reflections and more. The third of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Impact offers beautifully rendered effects that any novice or ...

Eye Candy: Nature  v.5.0

Eye Candy 5: Nature, is a collection of ten Photoshop filters, which create fire, smoke, rust, snow, ice and more. The second of a three-part upgrade to Eye Candy 4000, Nature offers beautifully rendered effects that any novice or professional designer ...

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