Image Resize Automatic


Imresize Image Resize  v.1.0

Imresize Image Resize is a software to increase or decrease the dimensions of photos or images. This stands for a nice tools for making thumbnail or for ajusting the dimensions of your photos before a presentation on screen or projector. This is a necessary ...

Image Resize Wizard

Image Resize Wizard is a free program that takes two inputs - your image and the size - and creates a new, re-sized image for you to download. You can add the program to your web site or use it yourself and it's super easy to install.


Dynamic Image Resize Wizard

Image Resize Wizard is a free program that takes two inputs - an image URL and the size - and creates code to generate a new, re-sized image on-the-fly. You can add the program to your web site or use it yourself and it's super easy to install.

Free Image Resize  v.4.2.3

When you need to use an image somewhere but it's too big or too small, Free Image Resize is the software you need to resize it. It can magnify or reduce the image size while simultaneously preserving the details & perceptual quality of the original image.

Quick JPEG Image Resize and Crop  v.

This program is useful for quickly resizing and cropping JPEG pictures. It can also be used to adjust the quality setting of a picture to reduce disk space usage. It requires windows XP or later and also requires the Microsoft .net framework 2.0, which ...

TSR Resize & Rotate  v.

TSR Image Resize & Rotate, fast image resize and rotate, free for personal use. TSR Image resize & Rotate is integrated into the shell, so you can easily resize or rotate entire folders full of images. TSR Image Resize & rotate will normalize all your ...

Feelan BatchImage  v.0.3.4

Feelan BatchImage is batch image resize tool, used for resize multiple images, it can support resizing images by pixel or by percentage. It is Freeware. It can resize image/photo by percentage of 75%,50%,25%, and custom percentage you input. It can resize ...

Digital Image Tool  v.3.2

Batch Image Resize
Either scale or apply max width or height settings, images are never skewed or scaled over 100%

Batch Image Rotation
Apply individual rotation or apply a particular rotation to all images.

Batch ...

2TIFF  v.8.2

Full list of supported document and image source file formats contains more than 275 positions.

Batch image resize, change PDF rasterisation resolution, apply text string or image as watermark, split multipage documents to TIFF pages and batch ...

Screenshot Maker

Screenshot Maker is a windows program that allows you to capture any windows application and save it to an image.

Quickly and easily take screenshots of applications.

Save the image to a graphic image.

Resize the image.

Easy2Convert JPG to TGA PRO  v.1.0

There are several advanced settings such as batch conversion, image resize, etc. Using Easy2Convert JPG to TGA PRO, also you can convert many JPEG-files at once.

I.Vista WideShot  v.1.0

Vista wideshot is a tool that automatically combines consecutively taken scenery photos and convert it in to a high-resolution wide-view image 1. Automatic stitching of single row(Horizontal/Vertical) or multiple row image. 2. Creates flawless results ...

Give It A Title  v.2.0

Load the image, resize and rotate it as necessary, add the words and save an image that can now make outstandinger sense to anyone coming across it. Do it when you transfer those images from camera to disk - resize the image to a more handleable size ...

XML Photo Template 02 AS2  v.1

XML driven Flash Photo Website Template - AS2 with multiple categories and custom modules, image resize, zoom and pan. You easily setup and configure any template parameter by editing a general XML settings file and also individual XML configuration files ...

Jpeg Resize

Jpeg Resize helps you in editing a large number of image files. They can be resized with high quality, cropped or renamed using a predefined template. Saving is done as jpeg image with configurable compression ratio. You can preview the result before ...

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