Illustrator Java Toolkit


Abeel Java Toolkit (AJT)  v.2.9

AJT is a set of utility classes for Java for handling some bioinformatics data, graphics file export, GUI widgets, and classes that should long have been added to the official Java API.

Eye4Software GPS Toolkit for Java  v.4.0

Java toolkit to add coordinate conversion functionality to your Java applications and applets. The toolkit offers functionality to perform map grid and datum transformations: latitude and longitude can be converted to various map grids, like Transverse ...


Sprite Web Applicaton Toolkit  v.1.0

A java toolkit for creating highly interactive cross browser web servlet applications. Knowledge of JSP, JavaScript, DOM, and HTML is not required because the library dynamically generates and controls client browser specific dhtml-ajax pages.

GeoScope  v.0.8

GeoScope is a free, open-source Java toolkit to find the location of IP addresses. It will locate any IP address - usually with very high accuracy. IP address to location software.
It features a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to input ...

Javizy  v.5.1.8

Multipurpose java toolkit ...

SwingSet  v.4

SwingSet is an open source Java toolkit containing data-aware replacements for many of the standard Java Swing components.

JetS3t  v.0.7.3

JetS3t is a free, open-source application suite (and Java toolkit) for the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).The application suite includes a client for uploading and downloading your data securely to Amazon's S3 service!There are also five applications ...

GeoTools, the java GIS toolkit  v.2.7.4

GeoTools is an open source java GIS toolkit. Used for OGC based projects via GeoAPI interfaces. Includes two great SLD based renderers, raster access and reprojection. Plugns fo Shapefile, ArcGrid, ArcSDE, Postgis, OracleSpatial, MySQL and many more.

Java Vision Toolkit  v.2..2.3.0

The Java Vision Toolkit (JVT) is a Java Advanced Imaging GUI/library for machine vision and image processing applications. It provides a framework for machine vision and image processing algorithms for 2D and 3D images.

Jmathstudio - Java Image/Signal toolkit  v.1.0.0

JMathStudio is a pure Java based object oriented digital image and signal processing library. This library/toolkit provides a Java developer with many of the advanced and basic discrete image and signal processing ( 500+ useful operations/transforms) ...

EXtendible Java Rendering Toolkit  v.b06

XJRT is an open source Java renderer with a ray tracing backend. The renderer currently supports CSG and a variety of shapes and model formats. Objects can be created in Java or through XML, Java is used as the shading language for the renderer.

JTextPro: A Java Text Processing Toolkit  v.1.0

JTextPro: A Java-based Text Processing tool that includes sentence boundary detection (using maximum entropy classifier), word tokenization (following Penn conventions), part-of-speech tagging (using CRFTagger), and phrase chunking (using CRFChunker).

JWebPro: A Java Web Processing Toolkit  v.1.0

JWebPro: A Java tool that can interact with Google search and then process the returned Web documents in a couple of ways. The outputs can serve as inputs for NLP, IR, infor extraction, Web mining, online social network extraction/analysis applications.

Ninja - an InChI toolkit for Java  v.1.0.2b.1

Ninja is an object oriented toolkit for manipulating InChI identifiers.

WebNMS Agent Toolkit C Edition  v.6

WebNMS Agent Toolkit C Edition is a rapid prototyping and development tool to build SNMP (SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP V3) agent, TL1 agent, and CLI agent in ANSI C. It helps network engineers and telecom application developers to create standalone or multi-protocol ...

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