Ica Colors Palette


Different Color Software

With DIFFERENT COLOR SOFTWARE you can learn how painters mix their colors ...

Kolorgenerator  v.

Kolorgenerator (colors generator) is a tool designed especially for people working with colors. Can be usefull for programmers and webmasters as well as 'usual' people wanting to choose right color for desktop :).
It has simply interface and user ...


Different Color Mixer

Different Color Mixer Software is software for painters, designers and other artists mixing or blending color paints with or without paints ...

Easy Background Remover


KosJCross  v.2.0

These pictures are categorized by themes, complexity and colors.
The game provides the following features:
- User-friendly graphical interface with multi-language support
- More than 200 amazing pictures
- Support for user profiles ...

Urban Painter  v.2 2

- Full colors palette.
- Several color's protection modes.
- Undo and Redo.
- Saving images in png, gif and bmp file formats.

Autumnal Colors Free Screensaver  v.2.0.2

The dying foliage produces amazing pure colors and hues of the green-yellow-red palette. Together with the blue skies these colors produce incredible saturated images of the nature in the end of the year.
Install this screensaver and enjoy the views ...

Chrome Palette  v.0.1.2

Chrome Palette is an extension for Google Chrome. Do you want to create a color palette that matches an image from your website? Or maybe you just want to grab some colors for inspiration? Then this is the extension for you. Just right click on the desired ...

Tango Palette  v.1.0

Tango Palette is a Dashboard widget for all Tango Desktop Project colors fans!Click on color box will copy hex value (without #, useful for ex. Photoshop) into the clipboard. deviantART: where ART meets application!. Art - community of artists and those ...

Nature Colors

Nature Colors is a powerful yet simple to use software which brings you relaxation, stress relief, happiness and other positive emotions. The software combines the best of color science with over 100 specially designed paintings of nature. Gradually changing ...

FindSounds Palette  v.2 30

FindSounds Palette is a tool that allows you to search the web, edit and manage WAVE ('wav' extension files), Macintosh AIFF ('aif' and 'aiff' extension files), and Sun Java audio files ('au' and 'snd' extension files). It is available in three editions; ...

In Living Colors  v.

The 'In living colors' game is about colors and coloring books as you could imagine from its name. This cute and fun game, even when it's pretty easy to play will keep you very entertained.
The main characters of the game are the paint drops. What ...

Web Colors  v.2. 1. 2002

Web Colors is a software from where you pick colors.


-Click the color you want.

-The color code is copied to the clipboard.

-A solid block of the color and how it looks with text is shown above the ...

BloomingKids Demo for Colors  v.1 20

BloomingKids Demo for Colors uses color names and pictures to help the student to learn listening, identifying, and name skills. There are nine sub-programs: Color Matrix, Progressive Method, Matching Colors using pictures, Matching Colors using words, ...

Color Palette for Excel  v.3. 2. 2000

Color Palette for Excel will allow you to change the default Excel color palette with new, brilliant and professionally designed palettes; you could change them or even create your own palettes.

Color Palette for Excel has 6 different palettes ...

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