I Hate Bugs


I Hate That iTunes Done Chime!  v.1.0

I Hate That iTunes Done Chime! is an AppleScript that changes the sound iTunes plays after importing or converting a track to your choice of a System sound, no sound, or your choice of an AIFF sound. .

I hate you  v.

This is a simple program which can show your hate. You can use old pictures or photos can do for destruction. Your tools: spit, gun, spray, flamethrower, impress, kiss and you can save your pictures.


I Hate This Key Deluxe Edition

This handy utility sits in the system tray and allows you to control special key behavior. You can easily protect yourself from accidentally pressing unwanted key combinations. The program is intelligent enough to let you disable Windows Logo keys in ...

Driver Backuper  v.1. 8. 2001

I hate to be harsh, but it does not let you do anything. I don't get why somebody would release a free application that can't do anything. The only thing that the free version does is list all the hardware devices that are presently installed on your ...

GetMeSoft  v.1 1

I hate spend hours for searching needed software. I hate check tons of links for figure out how I can download software. And I don't like to give out my private e-mail for giving access to downloading links. But I found solution. That?s new IE toolbar ...

Bug Crusher  v.

Do you hate bugs? Now is your chance to seek vengeance! Bug Crusher is a fast paced exciting game where you do exactly what the title says…crush bugs. With several varieties of bugs, power ups, configurable options, and level structured gameplay, you ...

FlyKiller  v.

Developed by Elie Abou Zeid

If you hate bugs, you will find this game quite a relief for you. Kill all the bugs you can to unlock more levels. You have 15 levels to enjoy.

Winamp controlband  v.1.0

As I said in one of my previous reviews, we like Winamp. It's one of the most popular audio players in the world, with a really big community, which keeps designing new skins, adding new plugins, and thinking about implementing new functionality and different ...

Net Movie Downloads --- Legal Downloads!  v.7 9

"I've been having a hard time finding some movies that went out of print. Thanks to your service, I found them - as well as some other old classics!"
Oliver Elliot, MO

"This is great! I own lots of DVDs, but I hate taking them ...

Windows Media Services  v.for Windows Server 2008

"Unlike QuickTime's time code support, which I hate," Hensler added.
7. Broadcast color spaces and aspects - Better compression and faster results. "Aspects are necessary," he said, "because TV does not have square pixels. So it's correct for broadcast ...

XenonMKV  v.Build 20110301_39

This is a restriction of the Xbox 360 media player and isn't because I hate 5.1 surround (I'd actually love it, but no dice!) Please write to Microsoft and request enhanced audio support (5.1 AC3, DTS and AAC) as a feature for future dashboard releases.

Remote For Roku  v.

- We hate bugs as much as you do, so we fixed some.
- When there are no ads to display, we try to talk to you.

New in 2.0:
- Added Channel Bar to main page. Tap on the TV icon and all your favorite Roku channels are displayed.

Decelerate  v.1.0

Decelerator costs $1 (and no, I don't believe in reminding you how that compares to a cup of coffee, though I guess I just did!), with 70 cents of each purchase going to the "feed a starving developer" fund. I've been using the app very happily for the ...

I-Got-Notices  v.4.0.2

I-Got-Notices™ is amazing by itself and even better with BankruptcyPRO®. It receives your ECF e-mail and automatically calendars the dates in the notices on its built-in calendar. You can assign certain events to specific resources (e.g. attorney, ...


To consult I CHING you can use yarrow sticks, or throw coins. With "I CHING DREAM TELLER" you can use your dreams.

"I CHING DREAM TELLER" is a piece of software which can help you interpret the meaning of your dreams, using I CHING.

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