Huron Capital


Venture Capital Firms  v.2005

This program is a worldwide directory of 4200 venture capital, private equity and other investment firms. Search and contact potential investors using the one-click e-mailing system. Export to Excel to analyze data or perform a mail merge.

Working Capital Calculator  v.1.03

Working Capital Calculator allows anyone to see an interactive, visual representation of the business profit / savings ratio for the money that can be either invested in a business or deposited in a savings account. It's the perfect tool for small business ...


Capital Caveman  v.1.0

Capital Caveman is a first person boxing-fighter game with lots of pain and gore. Play across different regions in increasingly challenging fightings as you prove yourself as the Capital Caveman. Use arrow keys left and right to punch your enemies or ...

Capital Numeric Forecaster  v.2 20

Capital Numeric Forecaster is an application which forecasts stocks in worldwide markets. It reveals forecasts market trend for the next 1, 2, 5 and 10 days.
You may download intra-day data and generates forecasts in market hours.
Displays up ...

Capital FM  v.

8 Capital FM application lets you listen to Capital on your Windows Phone 7 device. It also displays relevant text and images including details of what we're playing now, useful information like news, weather and travel and how to contact Capital by phone, ...

Capital Radio  v.

Capital Radio gives you one touch access to diverse music available on the FM radio around Washington DC. A manual tuner is available for local radio stations. Follow @CapitalRadioWP on twitter for ongoing updates.

Intel Capital  v.

Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's global investment and M&A organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services ...

Flag and Capital  v.

Flag and Capital Quiz:
Quiz yourself and learn all the flags, capitals, and countries of the world! Includes data for all UN-recognized sovereign states.

-Learn Flags and Capitals
-Flags Quiz
-Capital Quiz
-Choose ...

Capital Search  v.1.3.2

Capital Search is useful for either introducing or reviewing the concept of capitalization with mid-elementary-aged students. It starts off by having students pick out the proper noun in a pair of words. It then has them pick out examples of other types ...

World Capital Quiz  v.1.0

The task is to determine it’s capital city from four choices.Answer as many as possible, and as fast as possible, to get the maximum numb ...


Yet another personal finance app.
Use it, it's free with no ads.

State Capital Quiz  v.

A basic randomized quiz for the state captials, more quizes and features to come soon.

Satate Capital Quiz  v.

Using this app we can learn the states and their capitals with this fun.

Human Capital  v.1.0

A project management system that focus on allocating tasks to staff members for specific projects, requesting updates, billing management etc.

The Quiz of Country and Their Capital  v.1.0

If you want to learn the capitals of all the countries, this small quiz is your best choice, that it can help you to improve your culture about capitals.

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