Huge Creatures


Funny Creatures

Help Funny Creatures to solve original puzzles in the maze. In this puzzle game you should move colored creatures in the maze. To win you should follow each creature to its home. But it is not very easy to control the creatures because they can move only ...

Huge Clock  v.2 3

Huge Clock is a screensaver that will show a huge digital clock on your screen.

It will place an icon in your desktop, that will allow you to run it whenever you want, without waiting for the screen saver to become activated.

As ...


Creatures Of Darkness - MorphVOX Add-on

From the makers of MorphVOX, Creatures of Darkness is meant to enhance role-play in online games.

Whether you like to role-play on the dark side or just like to sound scary, this voice pack will modify your voice in amazing ways.

Note: ...

Impossible Creatures  v.1.2002.12.501

Impossible Creatures, previously known as Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance is a game that has all the elements of real-time strategy game available for the enjoyment of RTS lovers. It is characterized by its original concept of replacing traditional ...

Freaky Creatures  v.1.0

In the distant future, battles are fought not by humans, but by genetically enhanced creatures. These powerful creatures engage in tremendous battles in search of victory, often with great risks on the line. There are eleven known types of Freaky Creatures ...

Jellyfish Curious Creatures  v.1.0

In the ocean you can find cute and pretty little fish, or huge, enormous whales.
In between these two, a myriad of different creatures share the underwater world.

One of the strangest creatures I have ever seen is the well-known ...

Creatures Albian Years  v.

Creatures: The Albian Years is a special package, which includes two original games- Creatures and Creatures 2.

You play as a distant governor of a beautiful world called Albia. The planet consists of big variety of locations inhabited by ...

Incredible Ocean Creatures p2  v.1 1

Perhaps, you see a flat fish or a huge shark or a round fish every day? Here you'll see fishes rarely met in everyday life. They're not ones you keep in an aquarium. With this screensaver you'll get the whole world of a deep blue sea, full of charm and ...

3D Creatures  v.2.0

Watch as creatures appear out of your screen to display your photos and scrolling text messages. There is no other screen saver like it!

Creatures!  v.1.2

Creatures! is a fun, real-time simulator that allows students to learn the underlying principles of population dynamics. Creatures! recreates a world filled with three types of organisms: grass, rabbits and foxes. Together they interact to create a live ...

Huge File Editor  v.0.1.1 Alpha

Huge File Editor is open source project for editing huge text files on Windows platforms. No installation required, can be used as portable app.

Weird Creatures  v.

Check out some of the weirdest creatures on our planet. We can't even imagine what kind of creatures are living around us.
Have a look at some of them. I am sure you will be stunned at the sight of them thinking if something like that could really ...

Supernatural Creatures  v.

This application contains a list of well known supernatural creatures which have appeared in a number of folklores and cultures across the globe.

The application gives details about following supernatural -creatures:

-Zombies ...

A Huge Wave Of Flies Is Approaching  v.

A huge wave of flies is approaching. Please help doing some pest controls. Your mission is to kill flies quickly and efficiently.

Features :
Kill first 5 flies get a fly swatter.
Kill each subsequent 5 flies get a fire.
Kill a super ...

Sea Creatures Discovery  v.

Laugh and play with your small child as they tap to discover Sea Creatures! Your child will love finding and tapping the creatures as they swim past in this classic “peek-a-boo” application. Bright, beautiful screens with pleasant voiceovers and subtle ...

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