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He Has Risen Screen Saver

This Free Christian screen saver contains 20 Full Screen Resurrection Day (Easter) pictures and plays "The Easter Song" to help you focus on the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and the Finished work that He accomplished for you. Many User configurable options.

Fast Food in der Nähe  v.

Mit Fast Food in der Nähe finden Sie immer etwas zu essen – deutschlandweit.

Die klassische Situation: Sie sind unterwegs und bekommen Hunger - aber wo ist der nächste Möglichkeit, schnell etwas zu essen?

Die Lösung: Fast Food ...


He(lium) Simulator  v.

Entertain your friends with this App!!
He(lium) Simulator change your voice like the inhale of Helium!
Launch the App, put the phone on the table , speak and lot of laugh are insured !

Intrattenete i vostri amici con questa App!
He(lium) ...

Geldautomaten in der Nähe Deutschland  v.

Mit Geldautomaten in der Nähe finden Sie immer den nächsten Geldautomat – und zwar nicht irgendeinen, sondern den nächstgelegenen Ihrer Bank oder Bankgruppe, bei dem Sie ohne Gebühren abheben können.

Die klassische Situation: Sie sind ...

NCS Z-tools.he ACLView  v.

Total control and unlimited management capabilities for NTFS permissions.
Original and convenient user interface.
Alternative approach to assigning owners for objects. Setting any owner for a object.
The ACL Discovery submodule allow visually ...

NCS Z-tools.he WhoIsConnected  v.1.6.1003.37

Allows you to monitor and manage your local area network connections.
It shows you which users are currently connected, and allows you to view details about what files/folders are used, connection time, and more.
In addition, you can choose ...

NCS Z-tools.he NetClickLE  v.2.2.2007.205

Now you will have only one center of administration by all computers in a network.
You can operate workstations and servers with operational systems Microsoft Windows NT4.0 and high, NT domains and Active Directory.
You can modify any way lists ...

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English He  v.2. 7. 2017

This LingvoSoft Talking English Hebrew Dictionary, built to operate on mobile devices running the Pocket PC platform, incorporates advanced speech technology that will make your mobile device speak English! The synthesizer is based on a new approach to ...

Superior Search HE  v.

Text, e-mails, pictures and graphics as well as mp3 data - the data flood is growing and important information is all too often not findable. This costs time, money and nerves. Superior Search - the most efficient program for Desktop Search on the market ...

HE Keyboard  v.

Developed by Eran Sela

This is an Hebrew keyboard application - not a system keyboard (which you can use as an input method wherever you like) but it allows you to do important operations like: 1. Sending SMS text messages in hebrew. 2. Search ...

Tobe's HE  v.

Once again trapped in a crumbling cave, Tobe must try his best to escape with his new found hookshot. Climb as high as you can in this endless platformer, collecting diamonds, treasure chest and power ups along the way. Fight monsters and overcome the ...

Adventure Bingo  v.2.9

The protagonist, Bingo lived in an ordinary family, and he was brave and courageous. One morning he awoke to see that his family had vanished. He immediately went out in search of them, but he has no idea what monsters he might encounter. Help Bingo ...

Holy Black  v.2.2

" He immediately realized that democracy is not the case with the demons, what "Afro-gold" smells like and decided to set them free from the slavery of existence and save their miserable souls. Of course, he'll need weapons.
WASD - ...

Logistic Ball  v.2.1

Dreaming of an unusual dream in which he was the little ball...
This ball must be very clever, that would pass all the tests of his consciousness.
For the game will require the ability to quickly overcome difficulties and be able to think is ...

Ambrose Bierce Selected Works

With this ebook, you will be able to read the works of Ambrose Bierce and look up the meaning that he gave to some words. Knowing what Bierce thought or meant when he used the word - editor - for instance, will help in the study and understanding of his ...

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