Htc Hero Input Method


HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC  v.1 23

HTC Hero Clock for PC by ADC is a simple analog clock for your Windows PC.

HTC Hero Clock is a grey and black clock widget with big bold numerals.

You can easily change its appearance by simply clicking on the clock.


Banjon - Multilingual Input Method  v.1

Banjon is a context sensitive input method (transliterator) for natural Languages. It is designed to analyze the pattern and context of input character sequences and generate output characters based on a predefined map script.



Handwizard is based on such inventions as "Cursor displacement control method" and "Data input method", which define its purpose and functionality. Handwizard gives the user: time and health savings due to work with the mouse, and new level of freedom ...

Chinese Stroke Input  v.

This is a Chinese stroke input method. Integrated with Search and Bing Map !

Note: This app only display in Chinese, no English version available.

*** 本軟件試用版與正式版功能完全一樣,若­家喜歡本作品,不妨購買一份,請我喝­杯咖啡 ...

Kitsune  v.0.1.5

Kitsune is a Firefox extension, a Firefox Japanese Input Method Editor, enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME. In addition, you will have the possibility to choose the input method that best suits your preferences or ...

MyScript Stylus  v.

MyScript Stylus is a powerful and interactive input method which replaces the keyboard in all application requiring text entry such as web browsers, emails, calendars, spreadsheets, word processors, and many more.

With MyScript Stylus, you ...

PB Djarum Flag Screen Saver  v.1.0

You can set the input method of wake up that you please, exit the screen saver a mouse click, by pressing Esc on the keyboard or any other key you want.
You can even select the background colour you want.

Bros Android Converter  v.

Android Converter, specially designed for Android system installed phones like HTC Desire, HTC Hero, HTC Tattoo, Motorola, Nexus One and Samsung and Android phones, users can convert MOV, VOB, FLV, MP4, etc. and more files. Besides converting video files ...

KeyMagic  v.

KeyMagic Unicode Keyboard Input Customizer - is keyboard input method software manager, a frontend layer of Window Text Service Engine and yet our attempt for Smart Input Method Editor.
With this customizer, now you can have different type of Unicode ...

Metronon  v.

- Tempo input method
Input to textbox / slidebar / tapping beat on specific area

- Time signatures
1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4
1/8, 2/8, 3/8, 4/8,
5/8( 2+3 ), 5/8(3+2)
6/8,(2+2+2), 6/8(3+3)
7/8( 2+2+3 ...

HE Keyboard  v.

Developed by Eran Sela

This is an Hebrew keyboard application - not a system keyboard (which you can use as an input method wherever you like) but it allows you to do important operations like: 1. Sending SMS text messages in hebrew. 2. Search ...

CH -Messaging-  v.

This app combines the powerful Chinese Input Method, SMS sender, Contacts and System Search together, to help Chinese users sending SMS, sending fetion, adding new contacts and searching the phone.
*Powerful and Advanced Chinese Input Method.
*Send ...

BiMess  v.

Supported Vietnamese input method.

Giúp bạn hiển thị tin nhắn lên màn hình một cách đầy đủ khi bạn không thể nói chuyện. Bạn có thể gõ tiếng Việt theo kiểu Telex.

CH -Browsing-  v.

This app combines the powerful Chinese Input Method and the web browser together, to help Chinese users surfing the internet.
*Powerful and Advanced Chinese Input Method.
*Input Chinese Letters in Web Pages.
*Built-in IE Using Experience.

CH -Notes-  v.

This app combines the powerful Chinese Input Method and Notes together, to help Chinese users saving notes,
*Powerful and Advanced Chinese Input Method.
*Write and Save Chinese Notes.
*Easy and Fast User Interface.

Chinese Helper ...

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