Holes And Bombs


Holes and Balls Free  v.1.1

and put the ball in the hole!"Holes and Balls" is the unique game where you'll have to throw a ball against walls, pens or even matchboxes! Take a few seconds to target, throw the ball and follow its realistic trajectory through each puzzling level..

Punch ME  v.

punch me is a fun game where there is a garden with some holes and rabbits pop up randomly across the garden. the player must punch the rabbit which is getting popped.
each rabbit the player punches he gets 1 point,
each level has a timer of ...


MostFun Prism - Unlimited Play Version

or at least the Glowbos! Just like you need sunlight to survive, the nearly-extinct Glowbos are dropping off one by one thanks to evil black holes and pesky paths of darkness. If you like MostFun puzzle games, then you'll love the challenge presented ...

Multiplayer Connect Four

In this game there will be a board with holes and you can slide in the pegs. You and your opponent should take turns to slide in your own pegs, the own who connects 4 or more of one's peg in a straight line wins. The pegs can be connected either horizontally, ...

Miscellaneous Paddle Game

A simple paddle game, but loads of fun! Hit the stable balls and avoid the unstable balls and bombs. Also collect bonuses. Sound effects included. Version 1.10 contains some minor updates. Freeware.

RadarSync PC Updater- Paid Edition

Updating regularly prevents PC problems such as crashes, security holes and bugs, components and peripherals that don't work, and a slow computer. Don't count on Windows Update to keep your PC safe... Bonus: PC Updater recommends free allteranatives ...

H2o Remix

You will need bricks to build bridges, bars to block water and bombs to destroy debris in your way to help you save as many water drops as possible within the time allowed in order to go to the next level. H2O Remix is a series of increasingly captivating ...

FireHawk PC  v.1 20

* 3 type of ships, each can equipped with 2 major fires and bombs.
* scout ship with 2 major fires.
* 4 level major fire, 2 level scout fire.
* all direction motion, scouts can adjust position also.
* 6 stages, 6 mega ...

Bouldermouse  v.1.4

Use dynamite and bombs to blow your way through 40 levels. Featuring 3D GFX, Online hiscores, a Leveleditor in a beautiful 3D environment...Now also featuring the free addon minigame Puzzlemouse!

Block Buster  v.1 7

Bust those blocks to get to the flags and bombs, but don't fall into the blue!

CustomCut.Works  v.1.0

Works is an add-in to SolidWorks that enhances the native SolidWorks Hole, HoleWizard Holes and Cut Extrude functionality.

It provides an intuitive easy to use tool to create holes and cuts with the profiles that are not available in out-of-the-box ...

Active Scripting Fast Disable  v.

Internet Explorer's Active Scripting is responsible for popup windows, scrolling status bar text, security holes, and other annoyances. Unfortunately, some websites require this technology for basic navigation, so permanently disabling Active Scripting ...

MatSpoon CloseTheDoor  v.0.2.1

This will help you to detect security holes and close backdoors when you want to prevent remote attacks.

MatSpoon CloseTheDoor is a useful and reliable security tool.

WinASO RegDefrag  v.2 5

WinASO RegDefrag can compact and defragment your registry to remove the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. As a result, it will boost system speed and performance as a whole.WinASO RegDefrag is now fully compatible with most popular Windows ...

2006 Logical Golf Tour  v.1 1

There are 5 different golf courses, some 9-holes and others 18-holes. As you try and achieve par (or better), you will be given a course ranking. Whenever you achieve a #1 ranking for a course, you will win a prize!

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