Hk Firearms


HK FMRadio  v.

HK FMRadio allows you to get the most from your phone's inbuilt FM Radio. Featuring a inbuilt catalog of all the known radio stations from around Hong Kong and those accessible from mainland China (complete with station names, descriptions, genre information ...

Guns, Rifles & Firearms  v.

LEARN ABOUT FIREARMS: from colts to miniguns through visual recognition.

FUN MULTIPLE CHOICE quiz format tracks your progress as you go. The app keeps you challenged by remembering what you got right and wrong!



My Firearms  v.

- Made the font for the list of firearms larger.
- Made the My Firearm text disapear when the field is selected for a new firearm.
- Changed the photo control to show the full size phone but allow you to scroll up and down to view it.

Version ...

HK Telbu  v.1 1

Telbu 1.1 is an addressbook to store names and addresses. Once you filled it with your contacts, you can export the data to e.g. write a serial letter with Word or another text processing software. Telbu also has a search option, so you can find the name ...

HK Tram  v.

Get the estimated arrival time of the next three trams at a particular station.

顯示下三班到站電車的時間 ...

Hayawaza Kanji

You can learn more Kanji and more vocabulary per hour and you will type and skip your way through mountains of material while HK keeps track of your progress, sorts the lists, and keeps coming back with words that need your attention. Choose your skill ...

The Nighthawk Returns

Hold on to your seat, the Nighthawk Returns is back! With improved controllers, new firearms, better shields and a
way better maneuverability. It just makes lots of fun playing it. Besides involving into air combat attacks with enemy
fighter ...

Contra Game - The Last Warrior

Use many kinds of weapons to annihilate your opponents to dust! Remember to collect bonuses and raise your firearms by selecting it after collect.

Gun Cabinet  v.1 5

Gun Cabinet is a software program made for storing firearm information, allowing firearm owners to keep an inventory of all of the firearms they own -- there is no limit on the number of firearms that can be stored.The program runs on Windows operating ...

Excel RealTime  v.

Excel RealTime, based on DDE technology, provide 24 hours real-time data, such as HK Stock. Excel RealTime offers an advance technical service to the customers. It is a singular trading platform providing an excellent indicator and technical analysis.

Megaman Fighting Ghosts  v.2.0

You have to help Megaman eliminate those creatures by using all your whizz and firearms. This action adventure game will take you through many different levels where mysterious creatures of the underworld will try to make your journey the last one you ...

CopGun+  v.3.31.14

Are you a Firearms Instructor for your agency?

Anyone familiar with RAD Software's CopGun will immediately recognize CopGun Plus! as a significantly enhanced version that has improved features, expanded data fields, and additional options that ...

Hong Kong Weather  v.

HK Weather accesses the data from Hong Kong Observatory and Environmental Protection Department, tells you the current Hong Kong weather with more frequent update and more accurate data.

- Choose Chinese or English information
- Current Temperature ...

MarkSix  v.

Official MarkSix result from HK Jockey Club.
Support both Chinese and English.

v1.1 (12/2/2011)
1. Settings and Application Bar are added.
加入設定功能及功能列 ...

Tryg Mobiili  v.

Trygin Mobiilisovelluksella voit hoitaa vakuutusasioitasi ajasta ja paikasta riippumatta.
Sovelluksen kautta voit esimerkiksi ilmoittaa vahingosta.

Sovellus sisältää mm. mobiilivakuutuslaskurin, sähköiset lomakkeet, useimmin kysytyt ...

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