History Tracking Router


PayPunch Enterprise  v.10.00.309

PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employees’ attendance. Instead of employees punching a time-card, they simply insert their hand into the reader and enter their employee ...

GLocations  v.

***Excellent Windows Phone Client for Google Maps and Location History Tracker***

***We are not related Google Inc.***


*Full Screen Google Map with support of both orientations
*Current Location detection
*Five ...


QuickTouch for Retailers POS Software  v.4.0

Our software includes the most desired features by retailers: Inventory tracking, integrated credit card processing, sales and inventory turnover reporting, sales & customer history tracking, and much more.

To ensure the most secure credit ...

CaseWare Working Papers  v.7 2

Optimize review and audit process
With history tracking, milestone creation, issue/review notes, diagnostics, a full annotation system and online sign-offs, the review and audit process is achieved entirely on-screen, with no need for ...

Slife  v.3.0

A good idea to improve it, will be set for a given task, a reasonable time estimation based on history tracking.

the program has two more functions that they are interesting: A goals list and a task list. This way, you can see if effort ...

BurnSoft File Renamer  v.3. 1. 2022

But there is also another key asset in this program- the capability to keep a History Tracking. You can enable or disable it, but it is highly recommended that you work with this option enabled, since it will allow you to go back to a file's ...

QuickService  v.3.0

* Schedule & Dispatch Boards with multi-day calendar to optimize scheduling
* Mapping and routing for work ticket locations
* Full service history tracking by customer site and piece of equipment
* Syncs with tech's software ...

POS Software Imonggo  v.2 88

The inventory management functions include price and cost history tracking, supplier/vendor purchases and returns tracking,items adjustments, upload and export in CSV, inter-branch transfer, tracking in-transit and received items. The sales analysis ...

AutoIntern  v.1.0.72

Use powerful features like "Power Calendars", schedule multiple times per day (up to 127 times!), set start/stop times per day, "Exception Scheduling" (rules when NOT to execute jobs), "WebScheduling" (event sharing via XML import/export), Keystroke recorder, MDI interface, search events, sort by clicking header, cut and paste events, print job list, job-level history tracking & more ...

LinkExtend for Firefox  v.1.1

Other features include thumbnail previews and safety ratings in search engine results, keyword highlighting, site history tracking and more. Most of the features are based on 3rd party services, you can choose which features you want to use and disable ...

Phone Dialer  v.

Workaround - link/copy to Windows Live contact
* apps can't call to USSD
* apps can't call withouth confirmation dialog
* apps can't interact with missed/incoming calls

speed dial, small/large text, improving call history, details of a contact ...

Best Pill Reminder - Plus Weekly Task Reminder  v.1.0

Key Features: Schedules various reminders by adding details into the pillbox History tracking of previous medications that can help you to refer in future Pleasant reminder sounds to remind you to take medicines Add comprehensive notes on medications ...

Jddd  v.1.4.44

Files are kept in a centrally hosted subversion repository for proper bookkeeping and history tracking. Access to multiple control systems: currently DOOCS, TINE, TANGO and EPICS. Online access to DOOCS DAQ data.

Asset Tracking Manager Enterprise  v.2011.07.27.01

Asset Tracking Manager is designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets and inventory. The software manages what assets you have, where the assets are, and who uses them.


* Track an unlimited number ...

Prospect Tracking  v.8.0.6

Prospect Tracking is a powerful tool used for commercial prospecting, (contact management), and also allows you to follow-up your customers or your prospects.

Prospect Tracking puts all the information that you need at the touch of the mouse.

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