History Kill Software


Internet History Cleaner Software

Internet explorer history cleaner program for windows operating system completely removed all internet tracks, duplicate file, downloaded collections, images and pictures. Utility keep track of web login information compatible with major browser including ...

Internet Explorer History Eraser

Internet History Eraser software erase temporary internet files delete visited sites URL uniform resource locator address bar surfing information list. Utility remove cookies pictures images photos clear start menu run find auto complete data. Wipe temp ...


Internet History Eraser Utility

Tool to permanently erase all tracks of internet activities from your personal system using internet history eraser software. Internet history eraser software easily removes all the information stored in computers browser history and maintains your privacy ...

Securitysofts IE tools  v.1.0

0 Beta is a powerful tool to operate your IE, include IE personal setting, IE security setting, and erase history. This software need no installation and add nothing to your register. The software does not require any technical experience and is very ...

ClipX Beta 7  v.

ClipX Beta is a free, easy to use and small application that allows you to keep track of your recent internet or files history.This software helps you to save files of browsing pages in order to use them after a while.This clipboard history manager is ...

Clear Document History in Windows 7  v.1.0

then Clear Document History in Windows 7 is the best software for you. Clear Document History in Windows 7 is the safe and secure software to remove document history in Window 7 based PC. However this utility provides a privacy cleaner option, by which ...

Yahoo chat history extractor  v.5.0.1

Software that will help us to view offline messages history stored in Message Archive of Yahoo Messenger.
Yahoo Archive Recovery Features:
? Program decode yahoo chat conversations like Instant Messages, Mobile Messages and Conferences Messages ...

Easy Tray

This software places an icon in your system tray (bottom corner of your screen), and from this icon, you can assign a large list of programs you would like to run, and you can open many applications simultaneously with just one click. This is a time ...

Hooeey webprint  v.2. 2. 2001

hooeey webprint is a free desktop application that creates your personal web history library automatically. With this program, every web page you visit is captured in real time as a screenshot and as searchable full text and archived on your own computer.

TechnoRiverStudio Standard  v.8.06

TechnoRiverStudio Standard Edition is an industry-leading label design, barcode and printing software. It offers many powerful features like WYSIWYG label design, image acquisition, image/vector graphics support, Rich Text formatting, advanced print options, ...

Roborub  v.9.0

Roborub Software helps you secure your private data in a way that when you are deleting your data from your Computer, this Software would not made it recover again. That means, it removes your deleted data permanently from your Computer's Hard disk.

It ...

PC Garbage Remover

This software includes the ability to immediately view your data or multimedia files found. No extra run time files are needed. (Runs on all Windows systems).

Evidence Sniper

Features Overview:

- Clean cookies, Typed/Visited URLS, History and more.

- Clean your favourite programs history. Compatible with over 100 plugins.

- And best of all, Evidence Sniper is easy to use!

Copernic 2000  v.4 56

This FREE software agent finds exactly what you're looking for by simultaneously consulting the best Internet search engines. With Copernic 2000 your searches will be easier, faster and more efficient than ever. It provides access to some 55 information ...

Silent Screen  v.

The software is constantly being updated with your views and ideas added in future versions. you can easily capture your partner out even when the delete their browsing history. The software is constantly being updated with your views and ideas added ...

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