Hindi All Verb List


Blogvani Hindi Toolbar  v.1

Blogvani Hindi Toolbar offers you updated Hindi blogs, links to resources for computing in Hindi, all major Hindi news portals, hindi magazines, and a variety of other resources and websites that you need to enjoy working in the Hindi langauge.

The ...

Syscalculcator Euro Edition

Converting 11 currency units to Euro, WizardExpress enables you copy all of list and you need one time to convert all clipboard to new values.


Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design (DHex)

The software will do all the thermal calculations involved in the design and will generate a summary of all results.List of some functions: +Step by step calculation.+Support S.I Units and English (U.S) Units of mesurement...etc
For more information ...

Spanish Imperative  v.

Quickly look up regular and irregular verbs by category or by verb. The verb list contains over 300 common verbs, their English translation and their imperative conjugation.
* In Latin American Spanish “vosotros” is not used and as such is not ...

Spanish Future Tense  v.

3 includes vosotros and an improved verb list with faster performance and nicer scrolling!

For students learning the future tense.

Learn how to conjugate regular verbs and irregular verbs.
Includes over 340 verbs built into the ...

Guest List Planner  v.1.2.2001

Guest List Planner is an easy to use event planner that hooks into your Mac Address Book, Gmail Contacts, and even Facebook to help you put together your guest list with no trouble at all.Guest List Planner is perfect for couples planning thei ...

SharePoint List Item Sort Feature  v.1.0

List items are stored in SharePoint by default in the order in which they were created. Other sorting criteria can be defined using views, e.g. to sort elements alphabetically by title or by the modification date. Often there is also the requirement to ...

ToDoListReminder  v.

Wide known and really great application ToDoList supports multiple task list but doesn't allow to see all incomplete task in one window. The ToDoListReminder application shows incomplete tasks for all task list.

Easy String Replacer  v.1.0 Beta 1

You can add your orjinal text , first string list ans second string list than cling replace all button. It will replace all the list to replace memo. You can save your lists to text filse.

Startup Watcher  v.2.11

Compact, convenient, quick and functional startup manager for Windows, which display all programs that run at operating system start. Program track all startup list changes and inform user if any changes detected. Allow to add new startup items, edit ...

FileTool  v.3_1__975

This tool from ElmueSoft works on a folder (and its subfolders) on your disk:

- set the attributes of all files and folders. (Read-only, Hidden, Archive, System)
- change the date of all files and folders.
- create a list as text ...

Epicenter Server  v.7.0 Build 412

Epicenter Server gives your users their own local copy of the corporate address list. Once the contacts are in each user's mailbox in Outlook, their smartphone can synchronize with it. Updates are automatically updated and distributed to keep contacts ...

Keyword Pad  v.1.0.112706

Removing duplicate entries form a long list of keywords is very easy. You can sort your keywords in ascending or descending order. You can optimize your keywords list by removing unwanted words occur anywhere in the keywords. You can also use its enhanced ...

Flash Card Factory  v.1.0

You can click first, previous, next and last buttons to see all the words. You can select a letter of the alphabet in the corner right above and the flash cards will be showed word by word. You can click in the eye button to see or hide the word or its ...

VCard Import Software  v.2.7

Added functionalities of software are fruitful Batch or Bulk contacts from import vCard to Outlook files with all folders list. Advance vCard Import software to fruitful vCard import contacts to Outlook such as Name, Business, Telephone, Contact, Images, ...

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