Hide Url Folders


Hide My Folders ActiveX

Your application files and folders hidden with Hide My Folders ActiveX cannot be accessed, searched for, viewed or deleted, therefore no one will know that they exist. Using Hide My Folders ActiveX methods and properties you could easily implement advanced ...

Hide Those Folders Demo  v.1 2

Hide Those Folders is the best way for you to hide folders and hide files and keep sensitive and important data hidden from view.
Hide Those Folders will hide your sensitive folders and hide files so that they can't be seen or accessed. Files stay ...


Hide Files & Folders  v.3.594

Hide Files & Folders is a great easy-to-use password-protected security utility working at Windows kernel level you can use to password-protect certain files and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching just with a click of mouse.

Encrypted Magic Folders  v.07.04.1

Encrypted Magic Folders enables you to hide selected folders, and in addition automatically encrypt the content for additional protection. The folder content is decrypted transparently as you use the files, all you need to do is enter your password once ...

Folder Lock and Hide  v.1.0.4

Lock and hide your folders by making them appear as another part of your computer, such as the Control Panel. Folder locking is completed in seconds and your data is unmodified - no complicated encryption keys to remember. The program will also include ...

SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free  v.

SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free is the essential tool for users who share a PC and wishes to hide specific folders from others. SECUDRIVE Hide Folder Free allows the user to hide unlimited number of folders, which wonOCOt appear even in the search results.

QSoft Hide Folder  v.1.0

QSoft Hide Folder will allow you to hide your folders. It allow you to hide your folder that can only be accessible through the software and using a password.Requirements:
* NET Framework ...

Folder Encryption Fairy  v.4.6

[Folder Encryption Fairy] is an simple-to-use and reliable encryption utility to password protect folders or encrypt files for Win98/me/2000/XP/2003/7/8/10.It lets you password protect, hide, mask folders and encrypt files in folders.The unique of the ...

Lock Folder XP  v.3 9

Security tool for locking your files, folders, and drives.


- Ability to hide files, folders, or drives from all other users (including the administrator).
- Password protection for files, folders, and drives.

Masker by Evgeny Zaretskiy  v.7 5

Masker is a program that encrypts your files so that a password is needed to open them, and then it hides files and folders inside of carrier files, such as image files, video, program or sound files. The strong encryption up to 448-bit and password protection ...

Directory Security  v.2.0

Directory Security is the software that can hide the folders.This ensures the privacy and security of the private data.It comes with strong password protection so that no other person could change its settings.Any number of folders can be hidden by this ...

FolderCloak  v.

FolderCloak is a tool that hide your private folders easily. With FolderCloak, you can hide your folders and thus prevent access by anyone else to your personal files and documents. FolderCloak just puts a 'Harry Potter's invisibility cloak' on your folder ...


Sofonesia Folder Protector allows you to hide your folders from other people. The name says it all. But, the application's name gives you a sense of security that the application itself cannot deliver. What I mean with this is that your files will never ...

HTML-Encrypt  v.

- Hide URL's link in the status bar.
- Hide e-mail links ensuring spam 'spiders' can't snatch your address.
- Disable right-click popup menu (protect your images from copy).
- Compatible withe the most used browsers.

Folder Shield 2003  v.1 3

Folder Shield can be used to hide any folders completely and securely.

Your personal documents, private photographs etc. are invisible, and hence no longer accessible, as soon as the relevant folders have been hidden with Folder Shield.

Just ...

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