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8051 Hex Code Explorer  v.1.1

8051 Hex Code Explorer is written targeting INTELs 8051 family 8 bit Microcontrollers which can access atmost 64KB of code memory. Will parse the hex code byte by byte data with addresses and Disassemble the code.
So, 8051 Hex Code Explorer is limited ...

Hex Code Helper  v.1.18

This software helps you match color hex codes.


NT Disk Viewer

Disk Viewer allows users to display hard-disk data by physical sectors (in hex-code or ascii). Sectors can be copied and exported to files. Portable as it uses a single exe file, have a very simple, user-friendly interface. The program designed for developers ...

Little RGB Color Picker

Pick a color from the screen or from a palette and this handy little utility displays the html hex code and the RGB
values for that color. Use the hotkeys to send it to the clipboard. Fine tune the color using the sliding controls. Also
shows ...

Color Chooser  v.2.0

You can choose the color in a ColorDialog and then copy the Hex code to clipboard, and you can type in a Hex code an get show the Color.

PixMag  v.

It also retrieves the Hex code of the color of the pixel at the cursor position as well as the cursor position.How To Use PixMag:
1. Start/Stop Magnification Mode
2. Display About Screen
3. Display Help
4. Change Magnification Factor

ColorSpectrum  v.

This application can be used to get RGB and Hex code for any color.

ColorPicker Gadget  v.1. 1. 2002

It was developed to return the hex decimal value of any given color on the screen. It can be useful for extracting the color value of a certain part of a photo, so you can use it in your graphics editing application. It can also be useful for web designers ...

Hiew  v.8.13

The same applies to hex viewers and the users who are nostalgic about the look of DOS applications can give Hiew a try. It does not need to be installed onto the host computer and does not use a lot of PC resources, therefore it does not affect the ...

Mail Analysis Utility  v.3.0

This mail header analysis tool determines the features required in email investigation & proffers an environment in which MIME, Hex, & other views are shown for deep analyzing. Forensic analysis of emails represents the business details as well as list ...

Color Detector  v.2.0

Color Detector is a tiny freeware utility developed by Cosmin Software. It was programmed for calibrating the hexadecimal value of a certain color. You can pick the color that you need by moving your mouse pointer anywhere on your screen, and then pressing ...

Final Impression  v.

You can undo your image as far back as you like
- Color picker: from anywhere on image and get hex code for that color
- Embed your screenshots into other images or other images into screenshots (no other image manipulation software needed Unlimited ...

Drive Cleanup Wizard  v.1.0

The last option takes more time because it replaces each file with the hex code #00, and then deletes it so it can never be recovered.

Besides, you can set the program to delete the temporary files that have read-only attributes. You need ...

Resource Hunter  v.1 32

Also these resources can be viewed in hex code and can be extracted as a binary file. This tool helps the user to view data directories, section headers and import / export tables and other PE format files. Using Resource Hunter, you can browse bitmap, ...

PURE CSS Menu Maker  v.1 11

The change of colors can be made through the HEX code of the desired color, or by selecting it with the mouse on a color table. The colors listed in the left column are on the menu in a normal state, and the right refer to the menu items under the mouse ...

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