Headache Rack


MorphVOX Effects Rack  v.4 2

The MorphVOX Effects Rack is a plug-in for MorphVOX Pro that provides a way for you to use VST effects modules with MorphVOX Pro.

The MorphVOX Effects Rack also provides you with a highly-configurable workspace for arranging VST effects and ...

Freezer Rack  v.1.0

Freezer Rack, ie toolbar, firefox toolbar ...


Letter Rack  v.5.0.2

Letter Rack ...

Headache Journal  v.

Headache Journal helps you gain a better understanding your migraines & headaches.
The keeping of a headache diary / migraine diary is a recommended practice to help detail the characteristics of personal headaches, including triggers and remedies.

Headache Diary  v.

Headache Diary lets you record information about the following items: Headaches (severity, symptoms, and triggers), Treatments (medications), and Triggers. The Trial version is full featured with the addition of being ad supported.
Version 1.6:
- ...

Headache log  v.1.0

Headache log helps you to identify triggers for your headaches. For every event you can specify the intensity and try to avoid triggers in future.

Rackem Up Road Trip  v.1.0

Rack OCsEm Up Road Trip is a casual pool game for the whole family! Play a solo game of 9-ball, or any of the 6 different billiards games, against a friend or test your skills as you travel across the country in a loads of tournaments! Use the aim assist ...

Elite Billiard

You can select the table and the rack, or let the game do it. It supports standard and exclusive rule modes, and you can play against the computer or a friend.


It's like a rack full of CD players connected to an automated mixer. Features: dynamic looping/triggering of audio - automated volume, pan, pitch sliders - soft (gradual) mute/solo - crossfading - snapshots - unlimited undo - good help - standalone .

Schedule24 Standard Employee Scheduling

Transform your employee scheduling headache into a coordinated workforce scheduling strategy with Schedule24 Standard. Make a real difference to maintaining employee shifts, reduce labor costs and improve business operation. Schedule24 Standard provides ...

Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish like a ROCKET! If you want to learn to speak Spanish confidently and
naturally in less than 3 months and take all the frustration, difficulty and headache out
of your practice time then Learn Spanish is for you!

Find Duplicate Folder

Find Duplicate Folder - now no headache and knowledge to find duplicate folder! One click and due to user-friendly interface it starts to find duplicate folder everywhere, smoothly find duplicate folders containing music or photos, automatically find ...

Necromancer Secrets of the World  v.4.6

It's an easy game to merely finish, but if you want to rack up as many points as possible, you'll need to be crafty!
We know you can do this...
The story: There is an unknown sorcerer
trying to make a name for himself in the world ...

NetZoom  v.15

NetZoom is perfect for asset management in small data centers, server rooms, data closets, rack rooms, IT rooms, and departmental IT rooms where there may be fewer professionals engaged in managing various aspects of networks, racks, servers, A/V, ...

ASI to IP Management  v.3.62

For use with Thor's current line of rack mount H-1ASI-IP gateway system. This system can transport DVB-ASI signals through a packet based IP network with low latency. Thor also offers bi-directional transport, one of the first in the industry. This ...

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