Have Phone Need Name


Multi Browser 3.0  v.

* New Pivot Design For Faster Web Browsing
* Back Buttons
* Home Buttons
* Bookmarks
* New Multi View Layout
(more updates coming soon)

Ever have the need to be able to view two ...

Service Invoice Template  v.1.10

Service Invoice Template is an Excel workbook file which provides an easy to use, neat and simple invoice form for small businesses who provides service to their clients and don't have a need to ship physical products. The invoice format in this Service ...


Cruse Data Management

CDM will allow you to have a single data portal to manage your vessel from. CDM will track you vessel information and important documents. As caption of your ship you have a need to track parts, ship stores and provisioning levels and reorder level, ...

Power iPod Manager  v.

You will have no need to any other software with Power iPod Manager. With Power iPod Manager, you can Add, Edit, Delete Audio/Video Tracks to your iPod; Also you can copy tracks from iPod to your local hard drive. Power iPod Manager is compatible with ...

Photomatix  v.4. 1. 2003

With Photomatix you have no need to acquire expensive lighting equipment -and carry it- when you shoot high contrast scenes. Just enable the Auto Exposure Bracketing feature of your camera, and let Photomatix merge your photos into an image with ...

IdFramer  v.2. 1. 2001

idFramer is designed for users who have the need to add fancy frames to images with a very simple interface yet very powerful features.


DASDCALC is a Microsoft Windows based tool designed to be used by those who work in an IBM based mainframe environment and have a need to perform DASD space calculations and conversions. The specific audiences for this tool are application programmers, ...

Up and Up for Clarion  v.1 3

If your databases always consist of one giant flat file, you can stop reading, because you have no need for Up & Up.

If, on the other hand, your databases are structured into related tables, in other words you normally deal with relational databases, ...

WordNet  v.2 1

Over the years, how many people have the need to learn and practice in a better way the art of speaking, reading and writing the English Language.
WordNet 2.1 is a large lexical database of English, with grammar terms i.e nouns, verbs, etc. these ...

Tech-Pro MultiRename  v.1.0

It's great for digital camera image files that have a meaningless name when downloaded from the camera. Just select the files you want to rename, drag them to the MultiRename window and type the new name.
Tech-Pro MultiRename requires the Tech-Pro ...

Web Recipe Manager  v.1.0

No one else has access to it unless they have your user name and password. You have total control of the recipes in your database and can add, import, edit or delete them at your will. 2: What does Web Recipe Manager do? WRM is a web based application ...

Troubleshoot Nokia Errors  v.1.0

My phone is locked, unable to unlock the phone, unlock code for mobile phone, need unlock code for memory card, memory card password, unable to open the memory card. Get fix all thses type of errors & electronics error. Users not able to use the many ...

CheckDupli  v.1.2

It detects files that have the same name, but it detects as well files that have "almost" the same name, differing with accents, blank, or some specific characters.
Some advanced options allow you to adjust the filter criteria, taking accents, spaces ...

Indexo  v.2.5

Change the name of files or folders to have an ascending name sort.
1. Use letters or numbers as index.
2. Change files name to an indexed name.
3. Add index to files name.
4. Copy files to another destination then apply ...

Tiempo  v.1.0.0

If you have a need to track time on projects and tasks, for example billing clients then this tool should interest you.Requirements:
* Adobe AIR ...

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