Hand Eye Coordination Games


Eye Poke  v.

Ever want to poke someone’s eyes out? Want to improve your hand-eye coordination? Now you can do both with Eye Poke, an addictive game that measures how quickly you can poke eyes as they randomly appear on the screen. Pay close attention and beware ...

Fastest Finger  v.

Test your reactions, hand eye coordination and memory with Fastest Finger. Fastest Finger is a universal app. packed full of mini games designed to challenge your brain. A total of nine easy, colourful and well explained games can entertain people of ...


Fast Tap Lite  v.

FastTap is a game that puts your hand-eye coordination to the test. Each level contains a variety of colorful buttons
which light up, one at a time. When you tap a glowing button, the light goes off and another button lights up and you get points.

BubbleFrenzy  v.

Pop bubbles till your heart is content! This is a great game to let out your inner child! Or if you have children it is great for killing time in the car and promoting hand-eye coordination. Real bubbles are messy and time consuming, but BubbleFrenzy ...

Flower Field

Educational game for hand-eye coordination development. Learning to move a mouse ...

Flower Bed

Educational game for hand-eye coordination development. Learning to move a mouse ...

KidsApp  v.

This app enables kid develop hand-eye coordination while introducing a fun way to learn alphabets, animals and phonics. All packaged in a beautifully designed metro interface ...

Marble Touch  v.

doing so increases the users Hand-Eye coordination and also improves their concentration. Anyone can use this app to improve their concntration and hey,its fun!!

Baby Learning Color  v.

It is able to train small arms and hand-eye coordination ability and helpful for enlightenment cognition for preschoolers.
A kind of software of enlightenment education for infants with rich and lovely pictures inside the products, with ...

Time Tappers  v.

TimeTappers, it's time to Tap! Observe the square and put your master hand eye coordination to the test. Compare your scores with friends or challenge them in a devastating head to head match!

Response  v.

Response tests your reaction time by challenging your hand-eye coordination. Simply click the tile which changes colour as quick as possible!

Flying Imaginations!  v.

Flying Imaginations! is a game designed to help children develop their hand-eye coordination skills.

When the game starts, HeliBoy will be suspended in mid-air, and start to fall as gravity pulls him down. Touch your finger on the screen to give ...

Turtle-Tap  v.

Let the cute little turtle take you through a number of individual challenges designed to test speed of thought, hand - eye coordination, and reactions.

Can you get a 5 star rating in every challenge?

ABC Dance  v.

Do your children (aged 1+) show interest in your phone? Keep them entertained while they learn the alphabet, numbers and colors and improve their hand eye coordination. And they will love to dance.

Each time a letter appears, ask them to say ...

ReflexX  v.

ReflexX is a hand-eye coordination game that stretches your reflexes to the max. Play against your friends or the AI in an environment where the player with the fastest twitch-reflexes wins. Button-mashers beware; for only skillful dexterity is rewarded ...

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