Halloween Computer Wallpaper


Happy Halloween - Animated Wallpaper

"Happy Halloween" is a free Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia. Congratulate your relatives and yourself with the Halloween holiday. In this amazing day full of different surprises a traditional merry pumpkin will be displayed on the monitor ...

Halloween Night Wallpaper  v.3 11

'Halloween Night' - Animated Desktop Wallpaper by EleFun Multimedia.Halloween is known and loved today as a time to wear costumes, go door to door asking for candy, and watch monster movies. Install Animated Desktop Wallpaper 'Halloween Night' on your ...


Halloween Pumpkins Wallpaper  v.2.0

A different kind of Halloween wallpaper with colorful and bright circles with text. And the flashing of pumpkin heads makes for a unique look. Get this wallpaper to be different for this halloween.

Halloween Devils Wallpaper  v.2.0

Watch the Halloween devils fall of the palm trees. Truly a wallpaper for the Halloween time. Get into the spirit of halloweeen by installing this right away.

Halloween Madness Wallpaper  v.2.0

The Sun sets and the wild Halloween Moon rises. See the madness of Halloween, when Black Cats are most happy. Download and install right away.

Halloween Monsters Wallpaper  v.2.0

A creative wallpaper with text marked in bones and a display of varied scary masks. Must have for the season. Download right away.

Halloween Castle Wallpaper  v.2.0

Makes for an ideal feel of the Halloween season. Download this haunting and eerie wallpaper for free right away.

Your Halloween Scene Wallpaper

Three Halloween desktops for you. Click button to change scene. You will not need to go anywhere else this Halloween. Install to get scared right here.

Halloween Clock Wallpaper  v.2.0

A great clock wallpaper. Install this free wallpaper on your desktop right away.

Halloween Horrors Wallpaper  v.2.0

To enjoy download and install this wallpaper right away.

Halloween Horror Wallpaper  v.2.0

To enjoy download and install this wallpaper right away.

Halloween Fun Wallpaper  v.2.0

A bright background but full of scary objects makes for a mixed enjoyment. Download and install right away.

Snow White&the Seven Dwarves Wallpaper  v.2006

Download your Halloween computer wallpaper today and have a Happy Halloween! * The ALTools Holiday Computer Wallpapers are brought to you free by ESTsoft, the makers of ALZip (zip program), ALFTP (FTP program), ALSee (picture viewer), ALSong (audio mp3 ...

Animated Desktop Wallpaper Halloween  v.1.9.0

A animated halloween desktop wallpaper and brought into a night of terror. Have a good halloween!

ALTools Halloween Wallpaper 2k6

Each Halloween computer wallpaper comes in multiple high resolution images to fit every monitor perfectly. Zip package includes easy installation and help for beginners.

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