Group Information


Group Size Calculator  v.1.0

The program then provides critical group information - size, standard deviation, etc. Accurate to +/- 0.001 inch.

Summoner HQ  v.

League of Legend Meet Up Group Information.

Read latest League of Legends patch notes information.


Import WAB Contacts to Outlook 2010  v.3.1

The WAB Exporter converts various contacts and group information (Business, Personal, Home, Summary, etc) from Outlook Express to MS Outlook in a space of few minutes. Apart from helping to Import WAB Contacts to Outlook 2010, the software also helps ...

SharePoint List Collection  v.3.3.508.4

To create a list collection web part, you can select a site, a list and a list view, and select list columns from which you intend to collect information. Then, select or input new column names for original columns so that these columns will be consolidated.

News Counter  v.1.0

Besides from getting News group information, the software uses Pattern Matching to filter the list. It also uses multi-threaded to be able to seamlessly update the article count as results come in from the NNTP queries. The source files also contain ...

Import WAB into Outlook 2007  v.3.1

The Window address book to Outlook conversion utility is as easy to download, as it to operate, for the conversion all information of WAB contacts & groups. The software is in full support of Outlook Express (OE) 5.0, 5.5 & 6.0 and entire versions of ...

OnTarget Precision Calculator  v.2. 10. 2001

Group information is automatically calculated and displayed.

Main features:
-Bullet holes can be edited directly.
-Target printing is now available.
-Supports both standard and metric measurement units.
-Target image can ...

Snap Communications Client  v.3.0.377

downloading new content
when it is available), gathering user identity and group information and auto updating / patching the current instance of the Snap Client in order to apply new functionality.

The Snap Client executes at login ...

InSync  v.10.5.23

Preserves NTFS permissions, ownership, and group information (requires administrator privilege)
9. Supports backup and synchronization of locked files on NTFS (requires administrator privilege and Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008)

Pragma Fortress SSH ClientSuite  v.5.0

Delete Directory Tree
Find File
Kill Active Process
Get Operating System Information
Password Changer Program
Console Registry Editor
Show Active Processes
FTP Client
Get Current User Name
Fast File Text Viewer
Which Executable
Internet User Name Directory Service
Change Computer Name
Change Current Console Settings
Shutdown Program
Keyboard Tester
Process Sleep
Get Group Information
Get ...

WAB Import Outlook 2010  v.3.1

We can say that WAB Import Outlook 2010 tool converts the entire contacts and group information from WAB to PST .this software works fluently on all Window operating system, such as Window vista, Window XP, etc.WAB Import Outlook 2010 tool, you can ...

WAB into Outlook 2003  v.3.1

WAB into Outlook 2003 tool easily converts contacts and group information such as Personal, Summary, Name, House and Business. After shifting Outlook Express Contacts in Outlook. The Window address book to Outlook conversion utility is as easy to download, ...

VCard Import Export Software  v.2.7

You may find the process of vCard import export for Outlook in accurate result with use of vCard import export software can securely result and better solution to import bulk vCard to Outlook contacts as well as export Outlook to vCard contacts with all group information within ...

Webix DataView  v.1

It helps you group information rationally and nicely within a single container pursuant to a definite pattern. Now you needn’t look through the chaos of information to find the necessary one, just click on the appropriate group and enjoy ...

Biodiversity Information Group  v.5.0.2

Biodiversity Information Group develops software tools and data standards that enable herbaria and museums to create dynamic distributed queries of their online databases. See and for latest developments.

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