Gregorian Chant


Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator  v.5 9

Julian-Gregorian-Dee Date Calculator will convert dates between these formats.

Besides this, it can calculate the dates in those formats, adding or subtracting the number of days, weeks, month of years to or from a given date. It can also calculate ...

Chant SpeechKit  v.4.0.124

Chant SpeechKit is comprised of application ready software components that handle the complexities of speech recognition and speech synthesis. The components minimize the programming efforts necessary to construct software that speaks and listens.


Gregorian Blackjack

This is not a dream! This is the game you are looking for! It is a variant of Blackjack and it has many merits. For example, it is possible to play as many times as you like and the computer will be your constant rival and to enjoy the special design ...

Easy Date Converter

Adds a number of days to a date, calculates the number of days between two dates and converts among Gregorian dates, Julian dates, Julian day numbers and ordinal dates of the form yyyyddd. Weekend days may be included or excluded. Supports batch computation ...


It's a universal calendar that converts dates into the following calendars : Gregorian, Julian, Julian with Roman style (kalends, nones, ides), French republican (as well as a simulation of the continuation of this calendar), Jewish and Muslim.

Kalendis  v.9.780.1500

The freeware Kalendis computer program allows users to interconvert any dates using any combination of the following calendars:
- Gregorian calendar
- ISO calendar (International Organization for Standardization)
- Persian calendar (modern ...

Einstime  v.4.7

The calendar supports standard Gregorian, Jewish, or combined mode and includes overlays for international and religious holidays. The software can be especially useful for people that do a lot of traveling, as it will automatically keep all your schedule ...

Julian Day Converter

This utility can convert a gregorian date into julian day format/Modified Julian Day format and vice versa. The Julian Day Format counts the day since the 24th november -4713bc. The julian day format is often used in the astronomical section to calculate ...

2008 Calendar Chinese New Year

2008 Calendar Chinese New Year performs date conversion between the Gregorian Solar Calendar and the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Chinese Lunar Calendar is a yearly one, with the start of the lunar year being based on the cycles of the moon. Therefore, ...

DateTime Column  v.1.4

Apart from the common Gregorian calendar, this also includes several other calendars that use different year and month systems, such as the Gregorian Arabic calendar. All supported calendars are listed below:
- Gregorian
- Gregorian ...

Dator  v.2 4

Dator enables you to convert Gregorian dates into Islamic (Hijri) dates and vice versa. Simply enter a date in one calendar to obtain the equivalent date in the other calendar.

The Gregorian calendar is based on the birth year of Jesus Christ.

Quran CD/MP3 Maker Beta  v.1 1

The Quran CD/MP3 Maker is basically a program that will help you chant and memorize the Quran. There are 114 suras in the Quran and you need to download these separately as they are not included in the main program. These are available at the same place ...

Chinese Calendrics  v.12 9

Software to convert dates in the Chinese/Vietnamese/Japanese lunar calendar to and from Julian/Gregorian Calendar dates.
A program to convert between dates in the Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese lunar calendars and dates in the Gregorian and Julian ...

Mayan Horoscope  v.1.0

How the Mayan calendar is related to our Gregorian calendar is disputed. They have 13 gods of the upper world and 9 gods of the lower world. The gods of the lower world are related to all the earthly and spiritual transactions - for healing, divination, ...

Exsense PersianDate  v.

Exsense PersianDate is a simple program for convert persian to/from gregorian date. The application shows the current date and time in persian and gregorian calendar. The program allows you to customize the output style, as well as the Date and Time style.

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