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Insight Graphing  v.1 8

But more importantly than just the ability, it also provides a powerful template interface which allows you to graph data directly out of your files, queues or memory. It also features complete control over the look of your graph, from the axis settings, ...

Pygraph  v.1.0

Python library for a fast and flexible graph data structure.


Nokia PC Suite Cleaner  v.7.1.1

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner helps you remove any unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files and registry data left on your PC after uninstalling Nokia PC Suite.Important: Before using Nokia PC Suite Cleaner, make a backup copy of all your personal content that ...

Graph Maker  v.1.15f

Graph Maker is a useful utility that will help you create graphs in no time, can generate bar, line and pie graphs on the spot as soon as you provide the needed data. You dont need to worry about the values shown on the x and y axis as the software works ...

Origramy Flash Graph Component  v.1 11

Origramy is a XML-driven flash graph component specially designed for building, editing and displaying graphs and diagrams of various kinds. In two modes of the component webmasters and developers can fast and easily create, modify and present any graphs, ...

Graph Permutation Solver  v.

Graph Permutation Solver is an app, which purpose is to help students with specific mathematical problem.
Application’s functionality is to calculate permutations in mathematical, 5-verticles, graph.

To calculate permutations user needs ...

KaPiGraf  v.1.7

KaPiGraf shows your data as a chart easily and quickly. It also offers possibilities which you miss in MS Excel. And what is more, KaPiGraf will never bother you with unnecessary questions. After you open your file, you will see the preview of your data.

IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer  v.4.1

IntelliVIEW Report Analyzer is available as a thick-client solution for desktops and as a web-based solution that provides all the interactivity and advanced data analysis capabilities of the client over the browser.Key Benefits:* Significantly improves ...

Origin 8.6 SR  v.1

Origin is a software application with tools for data analysis, publication-quality graphing, and programming. Visit our Top Features page to find out what's new in the latest version. Data Analysis Origin contains powerful tools for all of your analytic ...

FlowChartX Standard Edition  v.4 4

By providing your software with ready to use capabilities for visualizing and editing relational data, FlowChartX saves you from hundreds of hours of coding and debugging efforts.

WebCharts3D  v.5. 3. 2283

WebCharts3D software includes WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) designer that will help you to define chart styles, view styles XSD Schema and DTD, generate XML and/or Java code, bind charts to data sources, view recommended JSP or custom ...

MindFusion.Diagramming for Silverlight  v.2.0

It stores graphical objects in a node graph and renders those objects onto the screen. It explicitly lays out diagram objects, or lets the LayoutManager handle the job by automatically arranging the nodes using the predefined layout algorithms.

GraphTK  v.1.1

GraphTK is a graph-generation toolkit. Providing a GUI frontend, it enables you to generate graphs describing build systems (Make, Ant) and API (Java APIs) dependencies. The generated graph data can be stored in common data formats like GraphML or GML.

Aviz ThoughtMapper  v.1.1

This program is a mind map based solution for brainstorming, planning, recording, tracking and presentation.

BYclouder Nokia Lumia Data Recovery for Linux  v.

This is a cross-platform data recovery tool for Nokia Lumia phone.The main function is recovery lost/deleted data and files from Nokia Lumia 520/620/720/928/925/822/5050/822/510/810/920/820, The main function is recovery lost files from Nokia Lumia for ...

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