Grants For College Puzzle


RM Smile For Resto Puzzle  v.1.0

Solve this puzzle to reveal the smile for a resto puzzle.

Cure For Herpes - Puzzle  v.1.0

Cure For Herpes; Anyone who has ever suffered from this condition understands that herpes in the mouth or around the mouth can be extremely painful and contagious.

If you are one of the thousands of people who are suffering from herpes in the ...


Student Loan  v.1.0

When you borrow money for college you might not be thinkng about your ability to repay the loan once you graduate. Outstanding student loan balances may infringe upon your ability to qualify for a home, auto and other personal loans. Use this tool to ...

College Study Skills

Improve your Study skills is a free ebook for College and High School students to develop and improve your study skills. Includes, Doing Assignments, Taking Notes, Memorizing, and how to memorize, How to Read textbooks, How to study if you have to cram, ...

League Jigsaw Puzzle  v.3.0.1

League jigsaw puzzle is a particular jigsaw puzzle program designed especially for jigsaw puzzle lovers. When you use League jigsaw puzzle software, you will find many different figures, such as pentagon, rhombus, numerals, letters as well as jigsaw puzzles ...

College Football  v.

Great app for College Football fans provides daily essential information on
- all the scores games in progress or completed
- news from ESPN
- teams standings in each main conference
- top 5 stats for team and individual offense and defense
- ...

College Hoops  v.

The ultimate app for College Basketball fans has arrived, provides daily essential information on

- news from ESPN on College Hoops
- updates from official Facebook and Twitter feeds.
- AP top 25 poll
- daily scores of all games ...

Shape Shifter Deluxe  v.1 1

Shape Shifter Deluxe

Prepare for the puzzle game that will drive your brain cells crazy! The game principle is easy: match the unusual and beautiful shapes with the spaces, but things start to hot up when you play against the ...

Astra Jigsaw France and UK  v.1 21

For each puzzle you can choose four different styles of pieces and smoothly change the number of pieces from 40 to 2900. In the most challenging style named Figure the pieces are shaped as animals, birds, fruits, toys and other objects.

Bursting Bubbles  v.

Play Bursting Bubbles for delightful puzzle game entertainment and fun. There are two very different modes of play, Frantic and Puzzle Mode. With Frantic Mode, it is a battle against the clock in a all out race to rearrange the bubbles into groups and ...

Temple Of Blocs

This game is a MUST for all puzzle game fans with the rich 3D environments and an massive story mode, where fans will meet funny and loveable characters. Remember, the demo is FREE!


Sudoku16 is complicated version of sudoku game destined for real puzzle lovers. It's also known as Suduko, Sudoko, Su do ku, Sodoku, Suduku. In it you must to compare numbers on game board to make them according the rules. Which are very simple. Each ...

XWord  v.2.03.006

XWord is a new and useful software for make puzzle game. A fun game that you can get it for free and start playing.

Block Attack - Rise Of the Blocks  v.

Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks is a puzzle/blockfall game and is inspired by Nintendo's Tetris Attack for the Super Nintendo. The game is pretty action packed for a puzzle game.
The game is programmed by Poul Sander and is released under the GPL ...

Jewel Fever  v.

Get ready for feverish puzzle action in Jewel Fever!

Rotate the jewels as they fall into place, connect three or more in a row to clear them away!

As you progress watch for new jewels to be introduced that affect the board in various ...

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