Gold Coin Prices


Gold & Silver Prices  v.

Gold & Silver Prices track the movements of the precious metals gold, silver, platinum and palladium, that available through ETF's, futures, options, popular coins, and bullion. These assets move in relationship to world currencies, events, and news.

Gold ...

Gold & Currency  v.

Provides gold bullion prices, currency exchange rates and currency conversions ...


GoldPrices  v.

Get Gold Trade Prices on the market live and with support for live tiles

1. New Plots
2. Prepared for LowMem Devices
3. FIXED: When is not possible to create a Background task, no more crashes because of that.

GlitteRates  v.

Simple app that provides a Live Tile for Gold & Silver prices in India. Powered by Sify widget and

Stocks and News  v.

With an emphasis on precious metals, this application shows bar and coin prices from COMEX, displays the latest commodities news, and lets you look up any stock on Yahoo! Finance.

Professional Coin Collecting Software  v.2.0.4

Coin Collecting Software for the coin hobbyist and professional numismatist. Coin collectors can manage their entire collection using advanced and powerful database technologies. Collecting coins is a tremendously popular hobby and also a serious investment ...

Coin Collection Wizard

Coin Collection Wizard is a personal coin collection database.

Use it to record and track your coin collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare coins and collectable coins in the program and track the value, price and dates ...

Coin Catalog Pro  v.2.4.7

Organize and Analyze Your Coin Investments with Power and Ease!

Collecting coins is a tremendously popular hobby and also a serious investment strategy for some people. However, to make key decisions in purchasing and selling coins, one really ...

Track & Price for Coins  v.1 4

5 million and counting auction results, Coin Author Reference Information, 20 Coin Categories, Over 80 Coin Varieties, Auction Results show prices realized-source-date-graded by-lot number-sale number-comments, Easy-to-use and customize auction results ... Color Picker Color Picker is a windows color picker. Use it to check the color of any pixel on a windows screen.Copy that value to the clip board with a click of a button Get the hex, RGB or RGB hex values of any color on your screen ...

The Great Wall of Words  v.1 2

Along the game, you will find lots of helpful bonus items and power-ups, like the Special tiles, Bomb tiles, Gold coin, and many others, which will give you extra time or points according to the mode you are playing.

The Great Wall ...

ExactPrice  v.1 1

ExactPrice is free for your personal use to make getting real-time metal pricing simple. ExactPrice can be viewed online, downloaded to your desktop, published to your website, blog, or social network, and even viewed via your mobile phone.

Having ...

Live Gold Prices  v.

When the gold price changed, Live Gold Prices will notify you. With this tool, you don't need to keep looking at the gold price. Key Features: Notify you when the gold price changed. Notify you the change by email. Show the current gold price in a float ...

CoinManage Coin Collecting Software  v.2013

CoinManage 2013 Coin Collecting Software is a complete inventory program for the coin collector. Save many hours of tedious data entry by simply picking from more than 24,000 listings of US, Canadian & UK coins. Over 4000 coin images are provided to ...

Coin Collector

Coin Collector is an organizer for your Coin collection. Coin Collector provides several fields for information about each coin entry. All of these coin fields can be labeled differently if you so desire using the Custom Fields feature. Coin Collector ...

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