Glee Lea Michelle


Glee Cast  v.

Are you a gleek too? This application brings you detailed information about glee casts! Both biography of the character as well as the actor. Enjoy!

Glee Trivia  v.

A complete Glee trivia game with over 500 question on all Glee series Be number #1 on our Leader Board and rule the Glee Club! Enjoy this Trivia game and show your friends how much you really know about Glee and their characters!


LEA - Lightweight Eyetracking Algorithm  v.b1.0

LEA is a lightweight eyetracking algorithm library (hence the name) written in and for Java. LEA is able to track eye movements with an ordinary webcam and returns relative movements (up, down, ...). It is also able to compensate for slight head motions.

Popular TV  v.

Get the latest video clips from your favourite TV shows:

"The Voice";
"X Factor";
"Dancing with the Stars";
"Dr Who";
"Star Trek";
"How I met your Mother";
"True Blood";

Includes a Live Tile for each ...

GOP 2012 Tracker  v.

Get all of your GOP presidential candidate news from one location.

You can get the latest updates for:
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Howard Cain
Rick Perry
Michelle Bachman ...

Happier than you

In this game you are an inventor who tries to please peoples needs by making inventions, buying invention parts in the market, and making sure you are not making people hate eachother.

There are a certain amount of persons in each level. Each ...

ABJAD Mobile Learning

This software is the most powerfull mobile authoring tool in the world. It allows publishing the content to any kind of devices with full multiedia, video, SVG, audio, flash,text, multible choice questions, quizes, tests, open and closed questions, checklists, ...

FallingUp  v.0.0.4 beta

Falling Up will have you giggling with evil glee. It is wrote as a precursor to other games, a way to learn new technologies (GLUT, OpenGL, OpenAL, NSIS,), and to brush up on old ones (c, for that matter).

DreamRender  v.

DreamRender will place amazing animations right on your desktop. Choose your effects from the hundreds of Dreams in our online catalogue or create your own using DreamRender's really easy interface.

Public Web Browser  v.2.10.8

If you need to fully explore PWB in a production environment, you can email Michelle (at) and she can provide you with a 30 day evaluation license.

Clari­n  v.

Lea y comparta a través de redes sociales las noticias más relevantes del día y de las secciones de su interés.

Castles, A Very Peculiar History  v.

Discover how a fortress was brought down by forty pigs and even how to use a common plant to defect lightning! Gasp in horrible glee at the many horrid substances poured onto beseigers through those dastardly trebuchets (there are things worse than boiling ...

In His Own Words-Pro  v.

This app features audio quotes from President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, members of his administration, and friends & supporters of the administration. All of these quotes can be found on popular media sharing sites, but are available ...

LockSecret  v.1.2

lea) from one or more files as a convenient way to store or transmit encrypted files. Lock Secret is available for Mac and Windows, encrypted files and archives are cross platform compatible, ideal for sharing confidential infomation between Windows and ...

Sprinkler2  v.2.0

You can paint with any color of your choice, or paint with every color at the same time! Tons of cool sound effects and wacky tools will have you clicking with glee. Sprinkler2 is completely kid-safe, but it's a blast for everyone!.

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