Gif Font Change


MS Word Change Font Change Font Size Bold Italic and more in Multiple Documents

Do you have a number of different Microsoft Word Documents, but wish that there was an easy way to standarize all of your Microsoft Word Documents? Do you wish you could easily make them all have the same font size, or change all the headers or footer ...

EXeScope  v.6 50

Do you want to customize an application? For example, change the font,
change the menu, change the size or layout of dialog, change icon, etc.,
but do you think that it is impossible because you do not have source
files? eXeScope is a resource ...


BillBoard  v.


- korean font change
- change fonts
- Courier New, Arial, Nanum Pen Script, Nanum Gothic


this app can show billboard.

- multiple fonts
- multiple text colors
- black or white background color
- ...

Excel Change Font Size and Style In Multiple Files Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to change fonts in one or more Excel files. The user adds the file/s or an entire folder for processing. Font change options are: style only, size only, color only or all three. The user can select a font, ...

Abonsoft Golden Gif Player  v.1.0.130323

Abonsoft Golden Gif Player can play gif files, resize gif file, slower play gif, faster play gif file, revert play gif file, export gif files with new size and new speed, convert gif to other image format including bmp, png, jpeg,etc.

* Play ...

Mihov Image Resizer  v.1 2

Mihov Image Resizer is a very handy utility for batch conversion and resizing of BMP, JPG and GIF images. You can resize any photo or image in two clicks. Mihov Image Resizer neither looks like other image optimizers and converters, nor works like them.

PloView  v.10.0

(1) File: Support to many file formats





PloComp  v.10.0

Old and new drawing comparison can be performed by recognition of different colors and change area by cloud mark.
(1) Support many file formats
Input: HPGL, HP-GL/2, HP RTL, PDF, DXF, DWG, GERBER, NC-Drill, IGES, EMF, TIFF, JPEG, Bitmap, ...

StickyIt  v.

1 Japanese UI font change ...

Join Images into PDF  v.

Image to PDF Converter has several features to combine add merge insert turn append multiple picture formats (JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, EMF, WMF, TGA) to PDF documents. Image to PDF Converter allows you to create your own PDF photo album or PDF e-book ...

Label Maker  v.7.0

Offers a variety of powerful editing features, including cut, copy, paste, delete, font change, alignment, et al.
With just one click, multiple copies of labels for multi-volumes and multi-items can be automatically made.

The Gift Factory  v.4 20

Choose your verse, edit, change, add lines till your hearts content, then see it on one of more than two hundred commercially available art backgrounds. Use any Windows font, change size, move the text and see all your creativity on-screen, with full ...

BlackBerry Theme Studio  v.6.0

For example, you can change the background image, change the color of the font, change the applications that appear on the screens, set an software to open a web page, add a
ring tone, and create screen transitions. You can use sample images that ...

PloCon  v.10.0

(3) Color and width change of line, whole drawing black and white / color change, background color change, pen ON/OFF

(4) Vector font / TrueType font change of character font

(5) Multi-page correspondence

(6) ...

XSheet  v.1.2

Cell coloring, text coloring and font change
4. Statistical and matrix functions
5. Advanced formula evaluator. (using my java arithmetic expression evaluator)
6. Line graph, bar graph and pie chart.
7. Find/replace feature.
8. Import ...

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