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How to get rid of bed bugs  v.1.0

Upto date info on how to get rid of bed bugs Get a FREE Guide and CD showing all you need to rid your home of bed bugs fast ...

PhotoSweeper Lite - Get rid of duplicate photos  v.1.6.2000

PhotoSweeper Lite helps you to get rid of duplicate photos. It works with photos from iPhoto, Aperture and Adobe Lightroom libraries as well as photos from your hard drives. PhotoSweeper Lite allows you to find photos that have identical content, regardle ...


Get Rid of Man Boobs  v.

# How you can get a diagnosis – is it actual gynecomastia or is it just excess weight?
# The secrets for getting rid of man boobs forever!
# How to conceal your man boobs until you've eliminated them.
# Stories of others who have gone ...

Get Rid of Spam Email Forever With This Fantastic Software From SpamItBack  v.9.0

Most people would agree that spam emails are a big hassle when it comes to organising your electronic correspondence. But what can be done about it? Previously, very little, however with SpamItBack software you will be able to say goodbye to spam email forever.With this software you can use the same technology as the spammers use so you can actually spam the spammers! Choose a message that you would like them to receive and send it thousands of times at just the click ...

Double Photo Cleaner - Get rid of duplicate photos  v.1.0

Use this utility to scan your hard drive for the same photos that are in multiple places. Then delete them with one click.

Getting Rid Of Panic Attacks - Puzzle  v.1.0

Getting Rid Of Panic Attacks; If you are one of the thousands of people who are constantly suffering from panic attacks; then most likely you have come to the internet in search of information on how to deal with panic attacks. The truth is that many ...

Get Out of Debt and Stay Out - Forever!  v.

Warning! This is a hard-hitting, unsympathetic book, full of advice about how to change your life. It's not about making big money. It's about CHANGE.

Please Note that the book is stored on your phone and you do NOT need a data connection to ...

Screen Saver Removal Tool  v.1.0

Screen Saver Removal Tool helps users to easily get rid of free screensavers and fix all associated problems, so that the system remains safe and stable. This software comes with a single click deep scan feature which ensures the complete system performance.

Hot Potato  v.1.11

Get rid of the potato by selecting a person, then click Pass. The more players, the more potatoes. Be quick. Game tracks your last 10 hold-times, so competition is ever-lasting.

ATV gyroscope  v.

Consider buying full version to get rid of ads.

Suggestions, ideas, bugs - e-mail me: ...

Star Bill of Lading Program

Get rid of those
10 different programs and use one. No more hand
written, or typed forms. Just
fill in the product info, select a
trucking company, click on Print and you are
done. Prints labels too. It really is that easy.

AdWiper  v.1 2

AdWiper software tool helps you get rid of about 80 percent of the Web page advertisements you see (even though the ads pay for the sites). AdWiper has a friendly interface.

PopupVanish  v.1.0

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those unsolicited popup windows when you surf the net? PopupVanish works with Internet Explorer stopping those popup ads without interfering with your browsing. Unlike most of the popup ad blocking applications, ...

Network Activity Indicator for Windows  v.

Windows 7 developers have tried to get rid of many of the unnecessary notification messages that were present in the older versions of Windows. One of them was the network icon in the lower right corner. It was changed to a static icon so that it won't ...

SwampDefenseFree  v.

Help the family to get rid of the visitors from the Swamp.

The Family

Old Flint
Slows down, minimal Damage
Weapon: Denture adhesive

High damage, shoots trough enemies
Weapon: Electro beam

Splash ...

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