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FLAver (FLA Version Checker and Launcher)  v.1.2

FLAver is a FLA Version Checker and Launcher. When you double click on an FLA file it opens the last version of Flash that you used instead of the version of Flash that was used to create the FLA. If you have multiple versions of Flash installed, every ...

Opera Password Recovery

The last version has extended capabilities to recover Opera Master Password.


WinMSDSP  v.10. 12. 2000

Unfortunately, this is the last version of WinMSDSP that will be issued, and it is no longer supported. Tihomir, 9A4GL, suffered a major hard drive crash and lost all of the code! Thus he is no longer able to help with bugs, problems, etc. This is shareware, ...

Isoliner  v.1. 6. 2005

Last version of extension include Slide Analyst as free function.
Isoliner include additional 3D functions, interpolation by features, generation of random points.

Shedko Folder2MyPC  v.1 9

This version works only under Windows Vista and Windows Seven. The last version that works with Windows XP is version 1.8.5, that can be downloaded from http://shedko. googlepages. com/Shedko_Folder2MyPC_1. 8. 5. 0. zip. Folder2MyPC has an interface with five ...

NginxTray  v.1.0

Download the last version of NginxTray
2. Extract the zip
3. Execute NginxTray.exe; you should have the NT icon (NginxTray) in your Tray bar.
4. Download the last version of Nginx Web Server for Windows (
5. Extract Nginx in ...

MessLive  v.

5 (29 sept)
- Updated to last version of FollowMyFeed
Update 1.4 (11 april)
- RSS feed reloading work finally! (fix a FollowMyFeed bug)
Update 1.3 (march)
- Fixed : not refreshing news of RSS ...

KickSmoking  v.

**In this version**
Added more milestones. There are now 28 to unlock!
If you find the application useful please leave a review :)

**In last version**
The user can now specify they date they gave up smoking
Fixed some minor bugs

It's ...

Bible Verses - Free  v.

-Added 1500 more verses(total more than 3500 verses)
-Added Search through verses feature
-Improved scrolling
-Restores to last viewed Verse
-Improved performance
-And Other small changes

Last Version:
More ...

Make Way Free  v.

"We extremly apologize for bug in the last version.. ever after fix. This version is fixed and more stable now. Thanks for your tremendous support"


Do you want to try something new and get puzzled with some line drawing ...

Sync Last Files  v.1.0

When you make some change in one of these folders you can call Sync Last Files for synchronization. It will copy only modified files to the Flash Drive. This greatly helps to synchronize big folders, which are normally can't be placed on the Flash Drive ...

Idoswin Free  v.3 31

Idoswin is a german utility for the file management it came in PRO and a freeware version, it's supported just in windows operating systems. The software is very flexible, allowing you to edit your personal preferencess; you can use the mouse and the ...

Object Plant Updater (PPC)  v.2.1.7

Version 2.1.7 adds the following:Corrected a bug in the Java parser. Now the keyword "final" is allowed in a method's list of parameters. Corrected a bug that was introduced in the last version: data types files were not shown in the "load set" or "append ...


The last version support to import data from fdf file into pdf and export data from pdf into fdf; etc.


The last version added supporting for relative file information in fdf file;ect.

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