Gear Calculator Program


Bicycle Gear Calculator  v.98.1

Bicycle Gear Calculator is a very powerful application for serious cyclists. It will not only calculate a bicycle's gearing, but will also save the information for later retrieval. Measure the wheels, enter the gear numbers, and Bicycle Gear Calculator ...

Markosoft Interest Calculator  v.

Whether you're considering a new loan, or you need to keep track and work out payments, interest, or time schedules on your mortgage, car or business accounts, Markosoft Interest Calculator program will help you to work them out. With this handy application, ...


SDP Calculator  v.1.0

Here is a small and easy-to-load calculator program you can use to manage funds for your remodeling budget.

Easy Stack Calculator  v.0.6

Easy Stack Calculator is a very portable text based calculator program, enable you to perform math calculations very easily.

My Calculator  v.

this is a simple calculator program for windows phone.

Debt ReCalc

DebtRecalc Software is a accelerated debt payoff calculator program that analyzes your debt based on the principal of rolling over payments from prior paid off debts and applying that payment to the current debt (also know as snowball method of paying ...

LP-Calc  v.1 1

LP-Calc is a fully functional scientific calculator program that can be used as an alternative to the Microsoft Calculator program that comes with Microsoft Windows. As well as doing basic calculations, LP-Calc can also be used to assist with programming ...


Amebius is a handy calculator program designed with computer usability in mind, as opposed to just being a clone of your desktop calculator. Instead of using your powerful computer to put a limited simulation of a calculator on-screen, Amebius instead ...

XMCalc  v.3 2

XMCalc - Extra Precision Floating-Point Matrix Calculator, C# Version

XMCalc is a freeware calculator program with the following features:

- Can calculate with real matrices, real scalars and quaternions
- Extra precision complex ...

Baculator  v.0.1.2

Baculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator program with an infinite scrollable stack and support for most common mathematical operations as well as some more esoteric operations. Available for Unix/Gtk , Mac OS X, and MS Windows.
You ...

YoshinoCALC  v.3.0.5

yoshinoCALC is a free scientific calculator program like PowerToy Calc from Microsoft.Conventional View is one of the two aspects of yoshinoCALC. The program emulates a conventional sceintific calculator. I don't think you need a detailed manual to use ...

Pitacalc  v.

Pitacalc is a command line interface calculator program. It wil help you perform the most popular math calculations. It works like a regular calculator, that it calculates and keeps a running total, but the calculations are performed by entering instructions ...

Your Loan Partner  v.1.6

All purpose loan calculator program that handles all common calculations related to securing and paying for loans. Contains loan calculator that solves for missing values (payment, interest rate,term, balance, loan amount) Also develops amortization schedules, ...

Suspension Calculator  v.

The Suspension Calculator aims to help people who are building race cars perform suspension related calculations. The calculations vary from motion ratios, to spring stiffness, to wheel loads.

The project is open source and in the language ...

WGS-84 Calculator  v.

WGS-84 Calculator is used to calculate geodetic distance and azimuth between two points (latitude and longitude). In addition, it can calculate a new point from origin using the given azimuth and distance.

Lat/long values can be inserted using ...

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