Gdata Topsecret

TopSecret Desktop  v.3 9

TopSecret desktop allows you to create and edit/view your data on the desktop computer. Use it to store passwords, credit card information, web account logins/passwords, and other personal data. An encryption algorithm with 128 bit keys keeps it safe.

CyberSafe TopSecret  v.0.9.0

CyberSafe is some of the most powerful data encryption software available. It provides a vast variety of features and just about every technique and algorithm for data encryption that you can possibly think of. Files and folders can be encrypted, signed ...

CyberSafe  v.v.20.04.11

Cybersafe TopSecret.All you can imagine about encryption. MS CSP, GOST (legal), Open PGP. That means S/MIME, Public Key Infrastructure (recipient based) encryption, AES, Blowfish 448 bit, GOST 34.10-2001, digital signatures, encrypted zip. Fully compatible ...

Cloud Export  v.0.2 Revision 98 Beta

-g Backup data in Google's native GData formatBy default Cloud Export will attempt to backup from all services. You can
specify exactly which services you want to backup from by space separating
them on the command line like:cloudexport ...

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