Gauss Jordan Elimination


Gauss Jordan  v.

Esta aplicacion resuelve matrices por el metodo de Gauss Jordan. La aplicacion puede resolver matrices de 2x2, 3x3 y 4x4 solo poniendo numeros en las cajas de texto usadas (no poner numeros dentro de las cajas no usadas).
La aplicacion solo resuelve ...

Linear Algebrator  v.1.0

The Linear Algebrator is a Mac OS X application for teaching or learning basic linear algebra, taking you step-by-step through both the Gauss-Jordan elimination algorithm for row reducing matrices as well as the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization algorithm.


C-Swing  v.2.031

C-Swing, the magnetic compass adjuster. C-Swing also computes a set of magnetic coefficients and gives guidance on placing corrector magnets and making adjustments. With C-Swing, preparing a deviation chart is now simply a question of selecting a suitable ...

WiseCalc  v.

WiseCalc is better than other calculation program because:it's FREE!
it has a multi-line text-editor type of interface
it has 450+ unit conversions built-in
it has hundreds of functions built-in
it can save and open calculation pages
it can evaluate built-in and user definable functions, units, constants, and matricesWiseCalc Features:
Calculation Engine
Supports evaluation of complex in-line mathematical expressions
Line referencing (can perform mathematical operations of various line
Evaluation of the Inverse, Prime Factors, and Decimal to Fraction automatically
Ability to solve built-in and user defined functions
Ability to use built-in or user defined constants in mathematical expressions
Standard, Engineering, Scientific, and Financial modes
Tape mode supported for referring to the previous line when performing mathematical operations
All types of Trigonometric functions built in with Radian and Degree modes
Supports calculating and working with imaginary numbers in Rectangular, Polar, or Rectangular Sum modes
Evaluation of mathematical expressions in number bases 2 - 16 (decimal: 10 is the default)
Evaluation of mathematical expressions in different numbers bases (2 - 16) at the same time
Ability to dynamically change the number of Significant Figures used for display
Mathematical Operations supported: +, -, *, /, ^, !, | |, iFile I/O
Ability to Save CalcPages
Ability to Open CalcPages
Ability to Print Calc Pages (includes Print Preview)Conversions
450+ built-in unit conversions
Ability to create user-defined units for use in unit conversions
Base Number conversions (any number base 2 - 16)Matrix Math
Ability to create user-defined Matrices
Built-in Gaussian Jordan Elimination
Take ...

Jordan Retro Shoes Screensaver

Top Jordan Retro Shoes Screensaver Download ...

Jordan Xtreme  v.1.0

Use the mouse to move Jordan and throw the balls.

Your objective in this fast paced basketball game is to help Michael Jordan to get the ball into the baskets and score as much points as possible before the time runs out. Use YOUR MOUSE to ...

Elimination  v.2.0

Elimination is six educational/logic puzzles in one game of various levels. The goal is to get rid of tiles by forming forming words, math equations, card runs, or matching blocks. Tiles contain letters, numbers, cards or colored blocks. This is a unique ...

Gauss Law - Point Charge  v.1.0

Gauss Law - Point Charge is a Java app designed to allow you to study the Gauss Law. This EJS (Easy Java Simulation) based simulation allows the user to investigate the effects of changing the radius of a Gaussian surface and of changing the charge of ...

Gauss Blur  v.3.0

Gauss Blur. This iMovie plug-in can blur your clip using the 'gaussian' method of blurring (which looks more natural than other blur methods). however, our plug can do more than just blur your clip. Its features include: selectively blur only part of ...

GAUSS  v.10.0

Displays lines and surfaces defined algebraically in 3D space in many forms, including z=f(x,y), cylindrical polar coordinates, and parametric definitions with one (giving a line) and two (surface) parameters. View controls move the viewpoint through ...

Vogone Vocal Elimination Software  v.3.102

Vogone 3 vocal removal program is the first in the world to remove non-center panned vocals from audio songs. Vogone gives you the power to uniquely vocal remove/reduce each song to create the highest quality possible. Vogone... more songs at higher quality!Vogone ...

SetupABudget Debt Elimination Software  v.2.1

Just enter all of your debt information, and this software will provide you with a plan to become debt-free.

Acne Elimination  v.

Discover How to Eliminate Acne Quickly and Forever!

From instant cures, solutions, treatments and creams, you have absolutely been through the ringer trying every new technique and remedy to hit the market.

In the process, you've spend ...

Jordan Rudess: Keyboard Wizdom  v.1.0

2 Hours of Keyboard Techniques Tutorial-Videos. Stream the HD version of this tutorial at: Being a wizard doesn’t happen overnight; they don’t just wake up one morning and channel their their incredible creative magic (if only ...

Eye4Software Coordinate Calculator  v.

Supported map projections include: Transverse Mercator (regular and south orientated), Universal Transverse Mercator, (Hotine) Oblique Mercator, Swiss Oblique Mercator, Mercator, Oblique Stereographic, Polar Stereographic, Cassini, Albers Equal Area Conic, Polyconic, Mollweide, Gauss Kruger, Krovak, Lambert ...

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