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Magic Vines  v.

Magic Vines is a puzzle game in which you have to align pieces rotating them, making the row disappear.

You will play in different scenarios, from the jungles to the plains and everywhere in between.

There are some special pieces ...

Magic Maze  v.32.0

Magic Maze drops you into a dungeon with nothing but your trusty firearm and a nose for treasure. It's up to you to explore the labyrinthine passages, sniffing out riches and mowing down the monsters that try to get in your way. Your skills will automatically ...


Astral Tournament  v.1 31

Astral Tournament is a round-based card game where strategy plays a very important role. The game, developed by Apus Software, is based on duels, where two opponents compete to become the best mage on earth. Opponents may be another human player, or the ...

EverQuest II  v.

At the beginning of the game you can create your own character, which is able to, for example, gain experience, fight against monsters, and explore the world. Of course, you will be able to choose between more than ten races, you can be good or evil ...

EverQuest: Escape to Norrath  v.1.0

EverQuest Escape to Norrath is a huge 3D massively multiplayer fantasy roleplaying game.
Equip yourself for adventure, seek allies and knowledge, and experience a rich world of vast lands filled with dungeons, towers, and ancient castles. Anything ...

Magic Pearl game  v.1.0

Magic Pearl is a classic Thimbles game with unique design. Try to guess where is the magic pearl and you will tripple your bet! Beautiful graphics, nice music and sounds is what makes Magic Pearl really great game. The game is absolutely free and does ...

Master Of Magic Game Editor  v.2

Save game editor for Master of Magic - the best game ever !

MAGNUM (The MAGic NUMber Guessing Game)

A simple but fun and interesting number guessing game with a twist. You and the PC ask questions to each other in order to figure out the mystery number. Features a tournament mode, and player statistics are also recorded.

Magic Game  v.

Then start the game.If that number is in upcoming pages , mark the checkbox in the respective page and then move to next page..Or else simply move to the next page..Atlast this app will reveal the number which you thought.. :) ...

Magic Lines

Magic Lines is one of those cute little games that will never let you be bored. It is a brilliant variation of the beloved Lines. You have the square game board where you should move multicolored balls to make lines of five balls that match in color.

The Magic Toy Chest Demo

The Magic Toy Chest is a Physics Based Puzzle Game for the Whole Family. It is inspired by classic retro 2D games such as "The Incredible Machine." Use 16 wacky and zany toys to create crazy sequences of events that get the desired toy into the Magic ...

Magic Match  v.32.0

Magic Match by Condeminion is a shareware game for Windows. We can buy this game from the developer's website. Alternatively, we can download the free demo version and play it for 60 minutes. It features nice graphics and lots of different games and puzzles.

Azada - Ancient Magic  v.32.0

Azada: Ancient Magic is the second installment of the incredible game Azada but this time you have to help Titus solve the mystery that is hovering over the books in his Great Uncle Argus's library, which is causing their characters to act in a strange ...

Mysteries of Magic Island  v.1.0

Mysteries of Magic Island is a hidden-object game with a magical ambience. You will find yourself on a Magic Island, and you will need to escape from it in order to return to the Great Magic School. To do so, you must find magic objects that will grant ...

Magic Sokoban Gold  v.2.0

Magic Sokoban is a classical Japanese puzzle game. Your task is to move a set of boxes to their required spots on the board. Boxes can only be pushed. If you push them into a corner, for instance, you can no longer move them. Colorful and 3D realistic ...

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