Game Code Algorithms


CDX Game Development Library  v.4.0

A game development library. The principles of the library still hold true today. Simplify DirectX code by focusing in game code. Provide simple game style wrappers like sprites and screens to developers allowing them to code games, not plumbing.

Sums  v.

Sums is a fun thinking game.

The trial version provides all the features of the old free version with some new capabilities. The full version has more abilities such as entering a game code.

You play against ...


SlideSpell  v.

A word find game with an arcade twist. As you find words the board changes, and you can chain combos together to get a high score. Compete with a friend one on one by sending a game code, or just play by yourself for fun.

The Killer Game  v.

The Killer Game is a social game that you play together with a group of friends. The app is not the game, it just facilitates the game play, which is done in ‘real life’.

Instructions to start the game:
1. One of the player, the Game ...

Collection of C++ Builder Examples  v.6.0

Collection of C++ Builder examples and tutorials with full source code, project files and animated tutorials. Examples include: database in C++, making reports in C++, running external applications from c++, graphics and window manipulation and animation ...

Patch Worlds  v.1.1

Patch Worlds is an innovative board game to play with. Patch Worlds is a philosophic concept presenting you the theory of Chaos in Nature. Chaos is in everything and everywhere, and just around you in the Nature. Based on natural elements (sky, ice, desert, ...

Worms 3D  v.1.1020

Worms 3D continues the history of turn based strategy featuring a bizarre and outlandish array of deliciously explosive weaponry, mad animals, crazy speech and laugh-out-loud instances, in 3Dimensions!

The new demo features loads of new wormy things for you to get your teeth into - two new levels, a new weapon set, a 2 player game and a single player ...

Golden Fairway MVP Golf  v.1 2

This is a multi-player online golf game in 3D. The game supports up to four players and chat. You can choose from three skill levels: novice, skilled and expert. Notes: game code = fxgolfgame ...

Token2Shell  v.6.2.0

Token2Shell supports all the widely used algorithms and methods for an SSH connection. Once Token2Shell is installed, simply type your server address and hit !
Available Connection Type Prefixes
* ab:// Address Book Entry
* ssh:// SSH
* ...

MAME 0.146u5  v.5

When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic ...

DevastationZone Troopers

Face more than 50 missions against the Rakkai Empire. Navigate dropship trough clouds of space junk and face hordes of hostile ground troops upon landing. Use modular assault rifle technology and choose weapons that tip the odds of survival in your favor.

Hammer of Thyrion  v.1.4.4-pre8

Cross-platform code: Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. Also reported to build and run fine on QNX and Nokia N770, N800 and N810. Other unices should also work. Even DOS is supported for nostalgic purposes. There are seperate ports ...

MAME  v.0.140s

All of MAME's source code is either our own or freely available. To operate, the emulator requires images of the original ROMs, CDs, or hard disks from the arcade machines, which must be provided by the user. No portions of the original game code are ...

SecureToken  v.2.6.6 Build 3218

* Supported ciphers;
* For SSH version 1: Blowfish, 3DES, DES
* For SSH version 2: AES, 3DES, Blowfish, CAST, ARCFour
* Supported MAC(message authentication code) algorithms for data integrity protection;
* SSH version 2 Only: MD5, ...

Hangman Flash Game Source Code  v.1.0

Hangman Flash Game Source Code.
You can easily install Hangman game on your webpage.
The source code of Hangman game includes an initial file *.fla which contains ActionScript code and graphics for this game.
For adding or changing any of ...

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