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Mobiwee: Mobile Remote Access Gadget  v.

com mobile device configuration, personalization, and security services has now released their new gadget for Windows Vista (currently in beta testing).
This sleek, lightweight gadget will sit quietly in the Windows Sidebar, notifying you of all ...

SLAG (Simple Little Audio Gadget)  v.1.2

SLAG (Simple Little Audio Gadget) is a free music-playing sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7. It uses playlists created in Windows Media Player.Its small and compact, but when you click the album cover image (or visualization), a flyout displays ...


Core Temp Gadget  v.2.6

Core Temp Gadget is a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7 for use in conjunction with Core Temp. The gadget requires Core Temp 0.99 or higher to be running for it to work.Monitor your processor temperature, load, frequency and VID settings with a visual ...

Translate Gadget  v.1.0.0

Translate Gadget is a translate Google gadget for Windows Sidebar. Users will be able to choose from a various selection of languages by clicking on the translate from / to country flags.

DesktopSlides  v.2.0

DesktopSlides is a user friendly desktop wallpaper changer gadget for windows. You can set DesktopSlides to change your desktop wallpaper at a predetermined time interval (e.g. every 10 minutes) and customize the wallpaper position (tile, center, fit ...

IBattery  v.1.0

iBattery is a Desktop gadget for Windows 7 and Vista, A small tool like iPhone Battery for laptops.iBattery Features:
1. Transparent.
2. Show percent.
3. Show charging status.
4. Show AC status.
5. Show when battery is removed.

N-Converter  v.1.0.1

NETZSCH N-Converter is a gadget for Windows Vista's SideBar. It is converter of units focused on scientific units especially on units used in thermal analysis.Main feature of N-Converter that distinguishes it from the same tools is: all values for selected ...

Core Temp Grapher  v.1.0 Build Beta

Core Temp Grapher is a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7 for use in conjunction with Core Temp. There is not much to say about it, I think the screenshot speaks for itself. the gadget requires Core Temp 0.99 or higher to be running for it to work.

NewsReader Gadget  v.1.00

NewsReader is a simplest and easy-to-use Vista gadget to read RSS feeds subscribed with Internet Explorer ...

8GadgetPack  v.5.00

8GadgetPack is a small utility with which you can install the original Gadget program files on Windows 8. Gadgets included: 7 Sidebar - Helmut Buhler Agenda - Ronnie All CPU Meter - App Launcher - Dean Laforet Calendar - Microsoft Clipboarder ...

Window Gadgets Calculator  v.1.0

Window Gadgets Calculator is a simple calculator gadget that sits on your desktop. Window Gadgets are customizable mini applications for Microsoft Windows that can be resized and placed anywhere on your desktop. You can change the design of any gadget ...

Office Recent Files  v.1.0

Office Recent Files was developed to be a sidebar gadget which displays a list of your most recently opened Microsoft Office files (Excel, Word, or PowerPoint). Click a file, and it opens. FEATURES: TE Choose the version (Office 2007 or Office 2010) ...

Microsoft Mahjong for Win8 UI  v.1.0

Complete multiple puzzles at three levels of difficultyOCoperfect for mahjong beginners and experts alike. With an improved Undo system, players have the option of rewinding to fix mistakes. Daily Challenges Players receive new challenges each day.

CD Art Display  v.3.0.1472

It automatically detects the music or any kind of media that is currently playing in the media player and it displays it as a skinnable gadget on windows desktop. It supports a number of media players such as AlbumPlayer, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, ...

Elevation PowerToys  v.2.0

Run as Another User; Prompt Here as System for CMD and Windows PowerShell and Drag-and-drop Elevation Gadget. With Windows 7, Microsoft has relaxed UAC, allowing users more control over the level of nagging produced by the feature. However, the Elevation ...

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