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Audials Music Web TV

Freeware includes Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget and stand alone client software. Including web tv stations: MTV Brand New, SlamTV, PlayTV, TMF Party, TMF Pure, DeluxeMusic TV, E-Music, Tunespoon, The Voice, TV Fly, TMF Netherlands, Ministry of Sound, ...

Shoutcast Radio  v.1.2

Shoutcast Radio is asidebar gadget, listen to your favorite radio stations, a universal webradio gadget especially for Shoutcast stations. This gadget is designed as a "single station" gadget, and manages only one channel per gadget. It shows, in contrast ...


7 Sidebar  v.1.50

Just start the gadget and you have a sidebar. The sidebar can hold any gadgets and stays visible even if a window is maximized. With one click you can switch to a window-manager with live-thumbnails. The thumbnails can be configured to update even if ...

Electrizmo  v.

Get easy access to the latest electronics and gizmo news with the mobile app! We cover video games, cellular, and other tech news.

Weather Gizmo  v.1.0

Care to have the weather at your fingertips? Well, you will not exactly be able to control it, but you will definitely have control over the situation and you will know exactly what to expect with Weather Gizmo. With its user friendly and easy to follow ...

Top Five Gadget  v.1.0

Top Five is a sidebar gadget that will show you the top 5 processes that uses your PC resources.Shows the five processes that are currently receiving the most CPU or memory load in right ...Who does not? The system is sluggish at once and no longer works ...

SE-DesktopApps  v.1.6.2

SE-DesktopApps - the collection of desktop gadget. It includes 6 various components for desktop customization and optimization.

Notes gadget allows to take quick notes with auto-save feature. The notes are saved in work folder and shown in ...

RSS To Speech  v.1 2

This gadget downloads RSS feeds from any Web sites and then reads them using Text-to-Speech and shows the feeds on a good-looking black screen.It is a useful gadget and you can listen news when you want.

LotRO Character Journal  v.

The gadget has two states, docked and undocked. You can switch between these at any time by mousing over the gadget and clicking the button on the gadget panel that looks like an arrow pointing to the upper right, or lower left - depending on the current ...

MemoryUsage  v.1.1

MemoryUsage is a small sidebar gadget, shows detailed memory usage of given process (like current, max and min memory usage) and can terminate the given process. It can be useful especially when you want to learn memory usage of a game or a program. If ...

PhpChess for PC

We launched a Vista Gadget and a Yahoo widget so you can keep track of your games from the desktop.

We launched a mobile phone java client so you can play your online games on the move.

Now we have launching phpChess for the ...

Net Activity  v.

Net Activity is a sidebar gadget, display network activity in real time. It displays two bars (TX/RX) that show your current thoughput. These bars have a text overlay showing you the exact speed that is being acheived. This is a very light weight gadget ...

Sidebar Switcher  v.1.1

A sidebar save of your currently loaded gadgets will be created when you install this gadget. These sidebars will store all of your gadget settings, such as the stocks in your ticker gadget and the zip code in your whether gadget.
You can:

AIDA64 Extreme Edition  v.2.80.2300

Measured values can be displayed on System Tray icons, OSD panel, Sidebar Gadget, and Logitech G15/G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD. The values can also be logged to file or exported to external applications such as RivaTuner or Samurai. AIDA64 can also alarm ...

Core Temp 64bit 1.0 RC4  v.4

Core Temp goes mobile! Have you ever wished that you could keep an eye on your systems while you were out of home or the office? If you have an Android device, now you can! New Core Temp Gadget and Windows Media Center addon for Windows 7 and Vista.

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