Gadget Aero Clock


Gadget Gerz Clock  v.1.1

Clocks for your desktop ...

Alarm Clock Gadget Plus – Clock with Alarm and Calendar  v.1.2

Alarm Clock Gadget+ is a large custom clock widget with a lot of features. Are you looking for something easy to use yet powerful and beautiful? Alarm Clock Gadget+ is ...


Clocket6 - Digital  v.0.9.1

Clocket6 - Digital is a sidebar gadget digital clock with date. It displays a transparent clock on your desktop. This clock can be easily customized with settings like font size, color or font type.Usage:
Type in font like Arial, Comic Sans MS or ...

TheAeroClock  v.2.81

The Aero Clock is a simple but at the same time beautiful desktop clock with alpha transparency. This Windows software can be used as a portable avert.

TwentyFourClock  v.0.1

TwentyFourClock is a sidebar gadget, this clock tells time, Jack Bauer style. It uses the authentic 24 clock font to tell the current time.

Gear Driver  v.

Gear Driver is a sidebar gadget, a clock driven by gears, a small desktop object that provides a clock driven by gears.

Digital Clock GT-7  v.1 1

Digital Clock GT-7 is a desktop gadget that displays your current time: The time will be updated every second. The date is not viewable. One of the nice features of this gadget is the ability to enable or disable the flashing delimiter. In addition, you ...

Modern Clock GT-7  v.1.0

Gadget that displays the current time like analog wall clock. Settings: show second arrow on/off.

ActiveX Clock  v.1.5

This Gadget is a digital variation to the default analog clock from Microsoft. Additional feature: Enable/Disable Seconds, Slowly changing background color (HUE rotation). For Windows 7 and Vista 32bit. FEATURES: TE Enable / Disable Seconds, TE Slowly ...

Gerz Clock

Screensaver as a clock. If you have a connection to the Internet, displays and updated weather forecast for selected cities from, as well as the latest news headlines and pictures to any of the selected RSS feed.

Digital Clock-7  v.1 12

'Digital Clock-7' is freeware screen saver that displays the current time. As default the program uses the font 'Digital-7 mono' (in analog seven-segment clock faces) but you can choose any font installed on your computer. Also you can change color and ...

Analog Clock-7  v.2 2

Analog Clock-7 is simple but cool screensaver that displays a big analog clock in the center of the screen showing the current time. The clock has fosforecent green borders and hands, and a black background. It also shows the time in the digital form ...

Roman Clock-VII  v.2 2

Roman Clock-VII is a nice screensaver that displays a clock with roman numbers. The clock is really big and appears in the center of the screen. It shows a white background that, unfortunately, cannot be customized; neither can its size. However, what ...

Original Clock-7  v.1.0

"Original Clock-7" is screen saver that displays the current time. Hours is displayed in the middle by numbers and minutes as color circle segment.

Modern Clock-7  v.1.0

"Modern Clock-7" is screen saver that displays the current time.

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