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Roulette Puzzle Fun  v.1.0

A fun little puzzle game based on a roulette wheel.

Ultimate Genghis 3  v.1.0

This fun little joke-promotion game is the ultimate, the-one-to-finish-it match 3 just as the name suggests. You probably noticed some patterns emerge in this popular game genre. All these match-3 games out there get easier and easier and the principle ...


Online Mahjong Christmas Star  v.1.0

Online Mahjong Christmas Star solitaire is a fun little puzzle game with an xmas theme. This version of mahjong solitaire is in the shape of a star, and has tiles whose icons represent the holiday spirit. Beat the game in record time to win and see the ...

ScaryPrank  v.

Fun little app that is meant to scare your unsuspecting friends. Put your phone volume on max, launch the app and then pass the phone to one of your friends :-)

The person in suppose to press on the red square, but just as they get immersed ...

Bollywood Ringtones  v.

1 Update
* Bug fixes
* Search ringtone feature added
* Live / Secondary tile

This fun little app brings new life to your phone. You can set your favourite Bollywood ...

FaceMash  v.

FaceMash is a fun little app that allows you to "mash" any of your photos together to create hilarious new Franken-Faces. Keep your family and friends entertained for hours by combining their faces in endless "Mashes"...

Trial version ...

Talk To Me  v.

Talk To Me is a fun little app that takes the text you type in and brings it to life! With Talk To Me you can have your text read in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and French accents! Just type and it talks!! ...

Guess My Number  v.

Guess my number is a fun little game where you choose a number between 1 and 63 and application will find out your number.

Cat's Adventures  v.

It is a fun little book that encourages children to go out and explore the world! Your lit ...

Balance Test  v.

Test your hand's coordination and ability to hold your phone still in this fun little 2D-accelerometer-based game. Keep track of your performance and watch it improve!

Learn how to build this app and many more with Adam Nathan's "101 Windows ...

Money Is Time  v.

How much do those jeans really cost? You know the price tag, but do you know how many hours you need to work to get those jeans? This fun little Windows Phone 7 app does the math for you and provides a quick sanity check before you splurge. Or just use ...


Guess the Celebrity is a fun little game that displays random images of different celebrities (e.g. actors, popstars, athletes, Supermodels). The images are warped at first, and your job is to guess the celebrities name before the countdown ends and the ...

Circle Flow  v.

A fun little chain reaction game!

Destroy all balls in this action/arcade game. With 25 levels and an endless mode, the fun never ends.

Use your skills and of course, a bit of luck, to advance.

Tesl8  v.1.3

tesl8 is a frustratingly fun little puzzle game with twenty four challenging levels. The object is to unscramble the tiles to form the starting image or pattern. There are three different tile shapes (triangles, squares, and hexagon), each with four different ...

Davtri Insult Generator  v.2.0

The Davtri Insult Generator is a fun little application that can generate insults in several styles. This application was written because of the huge demand for another application like my old Elizabethan Insulter. This new application can create all ...

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