Fuel Hose Reel


Reel Quest  v.

Reel Quest is a funny arcade game in which you must try to catch as many fish as possible in the allotted time. In order to get to the next level, you must catch enough fish to fill the quota bar. This quota bar varies from level to level as the game ...

Fuel Cell Supervisor H2  v.3.0.3

This program is released by the Fuel Cell Laboratory of MES and must be used with the MES Fuel Cell System for statistical and maintenance purposes.

It permits:

- Overview of the complete system
- Possibility to check the measurement ...


Spinnaker Fuel Tax Program  v.3 7

Spinnaker Fuel Tax is a program specifically written to ease the painstaking process of preparing your quarterly fuel taxes. It will work for individual owner operators and small fleets. If you have Microsoft Excel, it can also generate the NY HUT, OR ...

My Fuel Tax 4.01 Build  v.82

My Fuel Tax is an Easy to Use IFTA compliant Tax Software that helps you prepare your quarterly fuel taxes. It will work for individual owner operators and small fleets. If you have Microsoft Excel, it can also generate the NY HUT, OR HUT, NMWDT, and ...

Track Gas and Fuel Mileage for Vehicles Excel Spreadsheet  v.9.0

Do you need to track your fuel mileage for your vehicle easily? Perhaps you need to track the gas mileage for taxes, for your business, figure out how much you are spending on gas, or something along those lines? If this describes you at all, then this ...

Reel Project  v.2 30

Reel Project is a DVD authoring tool that allows you to create slideshow from your JPG images with MP3 background sounds, and combine them with AVI and MPEG videos. With its intuitive interface, you can simply drag-drop files from Windows Explorer to ...

FUEL  v.

FUEL Service and Repair software is designed to make your service center more profitable.

FUEL Service and Repair software organizes and streamlines all of your service and repair tasks including customer management, appointments, estimates, ...

Frontlines: Fuel of War  v.1 3

Frontlines: Fuel of War is a first-person shooter game developed by Kaos Studios. The planet is running out of oil. This makes the whole world economy to be disturbed and peace is torn to shreds because countries are trying to take over the remaining ...

Boeing 737 Fuel Planner  v.1. 5. 2001

Boeing 737 Fuel Planner is fuel management add-on. It was designed for simulation purposes and to be used on flight simulation applications. It resembles a panel found on airplane control decks. You can use this to calculate your fuel needs to get from ...

Reel New Media Toolbar  v.6 8

Reel New Media Toolbar enables your browser to provide you fresh information, news announcements and updated links from the community of Reel New Media. The tool works on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari,Chrome and Firefox.
The Reel New ...

Albatros Fuel Calculator  v.1.0

Calculate average fuel consumption with this program. Albatros Fuel Calculator can calculate the average fuel consumption.
Basically this is a simple pure Java (one class) calculator that uses ResourceBundle and standard input to fetch the data from ...

Fuel Saver Free  v.

Would you like to save money on fuel? Use this app for tips on how to make your car more fuel efficient and how to become an even more economical driver.

You can also work out your MPG to see just how economical you and your car are.

Fuel Economy Tracker  v.

Use our Fuel Economy Tracker to quickly calculate the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Just enter your distance travelled and fuel volume used for instant results.

Supports both metric and US imperial calculations. Results shown as;

Metric: ...

Alternative Fuel  v.

Discover How To Save More Money By Choosing Alternative Fuel!

Choosing An Alternative Fuel Be An Advantage For The Environment And It Also Saves More On Your Monthly Expenses.

You may have noticed, gas prices are at an alarming rate ...

Find My Fuel  v.

*** IMPORTANT: only for Portugal and Spain ****

This application searches fuel prices around your location or at a specific location. Filters available for fuel type, prefered brand and search range.
You can add Live tiles for selected fuels ...

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