Fuel Calculator Script


Albatros Fuel Calculator  v.1.0

Calculate average fuel consumption with this program. Albatros Fuel Calculator can calculate the average fuel consumption.
Basically this is a simple pure Java (one class) calculator that uses ResourceBundle and standard input to fetch the data from ...

Fuel Calculator Pro  v.

If you are thrifty person and/or you like monitor all cost to use own car, this application was created exactly for you!

The application was created for those people who want to monitor their spending on fuel, and analyze them. The application ...


Fuel Calculator  v.

Aplicativo que compara o valor do Álcool e da Gasolina e sugere qual a melhor opção para abastecer.

Payday Loan Online  v.1.0

Chmod calculator script for cgi. Good to have around when calculating cgi. Calculate settings for cgi via FTP.

STUDENT Aviation Calculator FREE  v.1.0.4

STUDENT Aviation Calculator FREE is an excellent simulator program that allows the user to check all the common variables involved. The most important ones are: FUEL (lbs, kg, US Gal, IMP Gal, liters), DISTANCE (ft, m, km, Sm, Nm), SPEED (fpm, mps, kmh, ...


RionaCalc is a smal and powerful calculator that can convert units of measurement, find root, minimum, maximum of the function, calculate value of define integral, calculate mathematical expressions. It supports complex numbers, common fractions, time, ...

LP-Calc  v.1 1

LP-Calc is a fully functional scientific calculator program that can be used as an alternative to the Microsoft Calculator program that comes with Microsoft Windows. As well as doing basic calculations, LP-Calc can also be used to assist with programming ...


Tetcolor+ is a tetris-like game with some additional features ...


it is a logic game. The aim of it is to help to a hero to walk through 55 levels and solve all puzzles ...

MyTickerScript Guide

Graphical Countdown Tickers are huge on almost every parenting / pregnancy related site on the web. They help the user countdown to their special event in style! They are most often used to show case these events on Forum Sigs, Blogs, and even their own ...

FlightSim Commander  v.8 6

The program has many features:

- flight planning for entire routes or route segments
- display of both ground and airborne AI traffic,
- real-world and user waypoint database,
- North Atlantic Tracks, PACOTs,
- automatic logbook and blackbox recording,
- control zone checks for VFR flights,
- GPS with real-time display of all relevant parameters,
- procedure generator and fuel calculator,
- ...

Vroute.info premium  v.


he advanced fuel calculator helps in making detailed calculations while considering payload and other factors. The track fuel consumption helps in estimating any flaw or problems that can occur during the flight during an early stage. It ...

Fuel Economy Calculator  v.

This is a Fuel Economy calculator it works both in the Metric (L/100K) and American (MPG) systems. It calculates the fuel cost per mile of travel, and converts Miles into Kilometers, and Liters into Gallons.

Programmable Calculator  v.0.1

phoc is a programmable calculator, which stand for Programmable Hign-Order-Calculator, and powered by script language, currently is JavaScript. But it's may language-independent, I'll add python later to pcalc.Expression evaluation phoc can of course ...

Atom Power Calculator  v.1.0

Atom Power Calculator calculates fuel consumption and savings after adding Atom Power. Currently this program is only compatible on Windows operating systems only.Atom Power Calculator Features:
1. Fuel Saving
2. Extra Distance
3. Excellent ...

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