Fresh Ui


Fresh UI  v.8.83

Want to your Windows operating system run as fast as recent installation without reinstalling it? Fresh UI will help you indeed. Thank for Fresh Devices, the publisher of Fresh UI that can tweak our system settings for us. With Fresh UI beginners can ...

FreshUI  v.8 78

By using Fresh UI you will be able to set the best values for several system settings. The settings you can change are divided into multiple categories, such as Applications, Windows Explorer, Hardware, Windows Interface, Windows System and Covering ...


Taser  v.


Release Notes
- Minor improvements
- Changed animated splash screen into static splash screen for faster loading

- Optional taser background
- Styled by accent colors
- Fresh UI
- Easily tase your bros
- ...

Strobe  v.


Release Notes
- Fixed slider bug

- Styled by accent colors
- Fresh UI
- Easily manipulate speed and color of strobe light
- Smooth as silk ...

XML UI Builder for Airplay SDK  v.

XML UI Builder Tool is a developer command line tool for Windows operating system
(Mac OS X version available too). It can be used to create user interfaces (.group files)
in Mobile applications development with Airplay SDK, using xml user interface ...

SSD Fresh  v.2015c

FreeBee: Increase the lifetime of your SSD with SSD Fresh! SSD Fresh adjusts your Windows system for using SSDs. SSD drives only have a limited lifetime (i.e. a limited number of write accesses per memory cell). Because of that, all unnecessary writing ...

Fortora Fresh Finance  v.1.7.6

Fortora Fresh Finance for Windows is the straightforward personal finance program for your PC. Easily manage your personal finance tasks, such as balancing the checkbook, keeping track of expenditures and your budget, managing your recurring bills and ...

UI-View  v.2.39

UI-View is a useful APRS client. UI-View is a Windows APRS program. This software differs from most APRS program in that it isn't designed just to be used with TNCs in terminal mode. UI-View also supports TNCs in KISS mode, AGWPE host mode and BPQ host ...

Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8  v.2.0

Perpetuum UI Controls for Windows 8 a set of XAML UI components that will help you create Windows Store apps. The package includes 10 WinRT controls that conveniently extend standard WinRT features. They are: radial menu, plain menu, date and time picker, ...

Puzzles for Win8 UI  v.1.0

Jujuba Software Puzzles Modern UI app for Windows 8 provides you with hours of entertainment and quality time with your children. The Puzzles app is a jigsaw puzzle that can be played electronically on a tablet device or your regular PC and can be customized ...

Free Fresh Flower Flipping Book Theme  v.1.1.1

Fresh flowers Flipping Book Theme are 100% free here! Fresh flowers flipbook templates are the newest templates for decorating PDF to flash book today. We keep updating and we will provide different style flip book every time. You will find some unusual ...

Win Eight Metro UI Switcher Portable  v.

The first thing you meet when beginning to explore Microsoft Windows 8, is the new immersive interface (called Metro UI). And there is a new screen that pops out every time you press the old good Start button, instead of the Start menu. This small free ...

JQuery UI Widgets  v.1.0

jQWidgets is an unique toolkit for jQuery UI development. jQWidgets takes the JavaScript & HTML UI development to a new level. It is platform independent, cross-browser compatible and works on PC and mobile devices. The jQWidgets toolkit is carefully ...

Fresh flowers templates for PDF to Flash  v.1.0

Fresh flowers flipbook templates are the newest templates for decorating PDF to flip book today. We keep updating and we will provide different style flip book every time. You will find some unusual in today's flipping book templates. It's fresh, wonderful, ...

Aspire UI Components Standard Edition  v.1.3.2005

Aspire UI Components ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) Library for Flash Application Development. Key features include easy skinning using external PNG bitmap files, automatic tab focus ordering, CSS text styles and layout management.

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